Billions of dollars, 37 hours, Global warming


“The Germans are spending about $110 billion on subsidies for these solar panels,” said Lomborg. “The net effect of all those investments will be to postpone global warming by 37 hours by the end of the century.”
“All those billions, for 37 hours delay?,” asked Stossel.
“Yeah,” said Lomborg, "so remember them in [the year] 2100 and say, ‘Wow.’"
Stossel clarified, “You believe in global warming and man-made–”
“Global warming is real,” said Lomborg, “and it is we need to fix. But we should fix it smartly, and not in a very, very costly way as we’re doing it now. Germany is probably spending $660 for every ton of CO2 they’re cutting.”

Claim: Germany Spends $110 Billion to Delay Global Warming by 37 Hours | The Weekly Standard

This is only one country, just think of the money wasted by governents who buy into the global warming scam.

The fact that what really is happening is the governments finding a new ways of getting money and entrepreneurs jumping on the bandwagon to profit from green techology which actually costs more for the environment and does not do what it claims


I didn’t realize that global warming was a set date in the future…

And I don’t think Germany’s goal was to eliminate global warming. If they’re using the sun as an energy source and at the same time reducing dependency on foreign oil, then why is that a bad thing? Once you set it up, all you pay for is maintenance. You don’t need fuel, and you don’t need to transport or burn anything, so comparing an upfront cost to a continuing cost like burning and buying coal and oil doesn’t make any sense.


MAN-MADE Global Warming is a hoax created out of pseudo-scientists and supported by politicans with a goal of seizing more power from the people through the “scare and protect” tactic. They have been wrong on their predictions so badly is almost fraudulent. Is the Earth changing temperature? Yes. Has it always been doing that since the dawn of time? Yes. Are humans responsible for changes in weather in the past and present? NO. Should we not pollute for aesthetic and health reasons (disease and birth defects) sure. Should be regulate to point of shutting down industry and going with substandard sources of power and production? NO.


I’m pretty sure that over time, solar is much cheaper than coal and oil, though, simply because you don’t need to keep drilling or mining resources to make it work. Once it’s set up, it just works. That’s just business, not even taking global warming into account as true or false. If you can afford the upfront costs, solar is simply better.


No it doesn’t. Solar panels lose potency over time.