Birthright Citizenship Ended by Executive Order


Easy answer.

That’s always how it goes anytime you draw a line . . . there will always be somebody right next to the other side of the line.

If it were the case that this circumstance was a valid argument against doing it, we’d NEVER be able to draw lines.


Would simply extending birthright citizenship only to people who have lived here x number of years (say, 5) not solve the problem?

Birthright citizenship is an aspect of English Common law. I’m not sure what the drivers were of its inclusion.


“Birthright citizenship” is not required by the Constitution but neither is it prohibited if Congress were to allow it. What’s done is done, fix what is to come. In general, ex post facto laws and taxes are the epitome of unfairness and injustice (unless they are tax cuts :grin: ).


You skipped Tom Foley. I don’t blame you.


Here, @CWolf, let me give you an example of drawing the line where it may not have been “fair” (you apparently buy that "fair" nonsense the left is always claiming).

Some years ago, Social Security was modified to extend the graduated period for claiming full benefits: “Those born after blah, blah, blah, cannot claim full benefits 'till blah, blah, blah” . . .

Let’s say the born after date was April 2ᴺᴰ, 1947. I was born on April 3ʳᵈ, 1947, just one day over the line. Was it “fair” to me? The left would have me think so. I would call BS . . . NOTHING in life is fair, and if you think so, you’re a leftist.


Because the 14th has been wrongly interpreted by the bureaucracy since sometime in the 1960’s, is NOT a reason to refuse to correct that wrong.


Starting to concede that Ann Coulter is 100% right and Trump has zero intention to do absolutely anything about immigration. He has a lot of avenues and he’s taken zero of them.

“Wait for RBG to die” is a pretty stupid strategy. I’d say the odds are 50-50 she makes it through his second term. Forget Term 1. She’ll almost certainly make it beyond 2020. And if Trump sits on his hands for his entire first term, there may well be no second term.


… What? Illegal immigration is at record lows, refugees are down by a 1/3, legal immigration from the “Muslim countries” he targeted fell by 81%, and immigration from all but El Salvador fell from Latin/South America.

Immigration from Africa fell 15%, immigration from Europe increased.

His administration is handing out less Green cards than Obama did.


Trump won’t be president forever. Yes, his words are having that impact - so long as he’s president. He has left zero action in place that would allow a future Republican or Democrat to passively “let the system work”.

Nobody else is going to hold press conference to announce they’re sending the military to the border. Nobody else would respond to charging the existing wall with tear gas and rubber bullets.

That’s great optics for suppressing illegal immigration in the future. I imagine border crossings will fall even more next year. But it’s not like this problem magically changes in 2021 or even 2025. It will reverse the moment Trump is gone.


I don’t understand; what are you expecting him to do?

Executive Orders can also be overturned. He’s doing that right now with the last Administration.


Build the wall. Which he can do as C&C regardless of Congressional funding.

Shut down the government if Congress won’t end chain migration. This is, btw primarily a critique of the past year. I understand a Democratic House will never, ever, ever, ever vote to end chain migration. But he should have forced House Republicans on the issue. He punted and they lost the House anyway.

He could also start enforcing E-Verify. Which again, does not require an act of Congress. The Executive branch is already the one required to do so.


Hope you’re not implying the military can build it; they can’t.

The Army Corps of Engineers is as much civilian as military in its function, and it is firmly controlled by Congressional appropriation funding. Even Reagan couldn’t stop them from building things, much less dictate what.

And create horror stories where you lock Puerto Ricans, Native Americans, or anyone else without ready access to a birth certificate out of a Job?

It’s not cost effective, it’s not time effective, it’s not PR effective.

It’s not even “effective”, my Employers has it, and we still have Illegals.


Well, I’ll let you, and you ten seconds before debate how it’s so effective that Puerto Ricans and American Indians won’t be able to find work, but also so ineffective that it won’t prevent unauthorized workers from getting a job.

I’ve reviewed staffing from companies who actually use e-Verify for all of their workers and I see no evidence that it fails very often. I believe you most likely have an informal hiring process when E-Verify isn’t always used. Or else your state doesn’t link their driver’s licenses to the E-Verify system. The only way to beat E-Verify is to present forged documents AND have no way to cross reference the presented documents with their RealID.

Even if someone slipped through the first round of employment you SHOULD be notified once you start paying taxes for them and the IRS is recording two different simultaneous wages for the same SS# in different states. E-Verify is set up to inform you of multiple use SS#s. Not all employers use this feature(especially if they want illegals).


Easy; people aren’t equal in how they can adapt.

One is a body of people who have had to search for run arounds to the law for years, the other is legal workers your now just thrusting into that environment overnight.

And they’re Americans, who feel far more entitled to not being treated this way, so they’ll opt to complain. Very, very loudly.


People aren’t equal in how the law and government treat them. You are demanding the right to play off one pool of labor legally circumscribed in one way against another pool legally circumscribed in another, for the benefit of those wealthy enough to bypass legal circumscriptions entirely.


I’m saying you fix this cluster by not trying to control the labor supply.

You fix illegal immigration, by allowing for more legal immigration.

Government does not determine the net immigration rate, that is determined by socio-economic factors that occur on the ground. What the Gov’t determines is just how much of it is legal.

We, the United States, are not a labor Union. I was a member of one once, and I don’t want that crap in our policy.

So imagine my surprise to find out that we let the latter’s lawyers write the rules to the system we have.
No wonder it doesn’t work; it wasn’t meant to.

The biggest users of illegal labor are large, but the largest number of employers who use them are small. People who can’t afford the ridiculous rules they’re subjected to.

They avoid the law not by being wealthy, but by staying under the radar. If they can.


You’ve made this claim before and it’s BS…still.


Facts are on my side, sorry. It’s not my fault if you don’t take an interest.


The reality in the ground disagrees. You should try living in the real world, sometime. It would be quite edifying for you, I’m sure…


If Congress tomorrow passed and President Trump signed into law a bill allowing unlimited immigration and guest workers so long as the immigrants and workers registered and worked under the same rules as citizens, the impact on illegal immigration would be minimal and short lived.