Birthright Citizenship Ended by Executive Order


No country on Earth controls net immigration.

That’s the world we live in. You can’t change that qix.

Identifying a problem, does not mean anything you can suggest is the solution. Our world has parameters, and you need to know what those are.


And qix, I’ll bet something; you earn more than I do. I don’t even reach $30,000 a year.

Disagree with me, but you are pretty much crap at guessing what motivates my standpoints.


And yet, except for a few EU countries–to their everlasting condemnation–TRY to control net immigration…some of them seriously violently. WE have both the right and the OBLIGATION to control it to the best of our ability, which the Dimwits dispute.


And fail.

The migrants only divert so long as another country is more open, but once all or most of the countries lock up, they go over regardless of the obstacle.

You can have an orderly legal process that lets enough people in to be acceptable, or you can have mass illegal immigration, Your choice.


BS. There are no barriers between Honduras and El Salvador. If life in Honduras is so unbearable, why not go to El Salvador, which is MUCH closer? Why refuse to accept the asylum offers by Mexico? The answer, of course, is MONEY.


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Is “Air America” still operating? Not for domestic consumption, but state sponsored all the same, and I suppose it’s content would fit the definition of propaganda, even if truthful and accurate

I dont care what motivates you, only the end result of of the insanity you are embracing and want to force on the rest of us. The end result being that the rich get even more wealth and power while everyone else becomes poorer and more disenfranchised, more circumscribed, more marginalized. Not because the rich have more merit, either, but because they have access to manipulate the laws and the legal systems and

Pot, kettle, black.

This boils down to a property rights issue, the property in question being “The United States of America”, of which I am 1/~350,000,000 owner, the same as Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or the Koch brothers (individually). That is a very small (one might even say infinitesimal) percentage, but it is still infinitely more than any illegal immigrant, who has no ownership interest at all.

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Are you referring to the “Air America” that flew for the CIA in Laos back in the 60’s & 70’s, or are you referring to the “Air America” which was a leftist-sponsored, ultimately failed answer to conservative radio? It, by the way, was NOT “government sponsored,” but financed by people like Soros and that ilk.


El Salvador is also going through a crisis, why would anyone stay? It’s the whole Latin triangle.

And more people have sought Asylum in Mexico than here, the number are practically 5 to 1.


We have illegal immigration, because the legal immigration system disenfranchises both immigrant and employer alike, and doesn’t let enough in.

I didn’t create the insanity, we did, by changing the law.

A law that you shouldn’t be making excuses for. It’s unionist bull crap, and it intentionally mishandles the people we put through it.

Except my idea has a track record of success, and you can’t give me one reason why we shouldn’t do it.


What “idea” is that, AS??? That we throw open the borders to anyone who wants to come here? THAT’S what your “idea” suggests and it’s as nutty now as it was when you first proposed it.


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Barry Goldwater’s.

Accusing me of open borders is incorrect, you know that Dave.

That is, unless you think that’s what Goldwater wanted…?


Some people don’t flee their country when it is governed by corrupt governments, some people cast off those governments for better ideas; the idea that the United States is responsible to take in every lazy welfare rat in whole world makes sense only to those who depend on welfare rats to win elections.


If by “track record of success” you mean “disenfrachising two demographics for the price of one while enricing the donor class” then, yeah, i’m sure it has been a raging success.

I’ve given you the reason i oppose it repeatedly; it creates a circumscribed class of subsidized labor which is functionally immune to the regulatory burdens and restrictions placed on native labor, without offering native labor any relief.


Neither, Pappa, I’m just retarded. What I was thinking of was (I think) “Voice of America”


Ah! The VOA was a pretty successful effort by the U.S. government to bring TRUE world news to the Soviet Bloc Nations. For years, for example, the Russians claimed that Moscow had a population of 8 MILLION, putting it on a par with NYC as a “world capital.” When I was in the Army, an experiment was run by Military Intelligence. A sat photo of a city was posted and the photo interpreters were asked to estimate the population of that city from the photo. There is a pretty reliable technique for doing so. You count the miles of rail, highway and water approaches into the city because a certain number are REQUIRED in order to bring the food and fiber necessary to sustain a given population. The HIGHEST estimate for the city in question was 800,000. The city? Moscow. There is no possible way the estimates could be THAT far off of what the Soviets were claiming. There simply are NOT enough miles of roads, railways and canals around Moscow to sustain a city of 8 million–or anything even close to that number. TASS had consistently claimed that the sport of baseball was “invented” in Russia, as were the telephone and electric lights. VOA broadcast into the Soviet Union the truth…including the refutation of the silly claims by Pravda, etc.


Yeah, it was VOA I was thinking of, and it IS still in operation, but is, (as best I can tell from my speed class at Google U :wink: ) forbidden from broadcasting to the American audience… via shortwave transmitter, at least. Since it is a taxpayer funded public broadcast service, I assume we can audit the content via other means? Might make an interesting study for someone with the time and will to put in the effort…


Bracero. Or if you like, guest-worker visas, in an amount, that comes close to matching demand.

And yes, this works. It worked here, and it works in every other country that’s embraced the same mindset.

Countries with high rates of legal immigration, don’t have high rates of illegal immigration.


The first people who leave a country in distress are typically the most talented. Just like when a company is about to fail, the people with the most skills tend to jump ship right away.

“Lazy” is a weird way to describe people who are fed up with pseudo-feudalism.

As I see it, migrants are more likely to understand than the entitled natives what is at stake, because they’ve lived under the alternative.

I’ll easily take what I see coming over the border, over those coming off college campuses (in California).


Do you KNOW why “Bracero” failed? It failed because tens of thousands of the braceros (farmers) didn’t go HOME when their work was done and took other jobs away from legal aliens and Americans in the interim, depressing wages for everyone. Essentially the SAME THING that the illegals are doing today.