Birthright Citizenship Ended by Executive Order


No you dunce, these people;

People who pick fields alongside their entire families. Ethnic minorities, people from further south, people who live grow in migrant lifestyles. People who are even less developed than most Mexicans, because they don’t come from the cities, they come from out in the sticks.

Yes, this still exists.


It’s 11-12 million by most parties, even by estimates of the CIS.

People go back, and this has lead to Mexico’s housing boom; the largest they’ve ever had.

And it’s a good thing, at least where Mexico’s Government wasn’t involved.

People with money in hand, that didn’t come from their corrupt Government or the cartels. They’re building a better Mexico, and we made that happen.

Remittances work far better than foreign aid or “advisers”, and what has happened with Mexican migrant labor is proof of that.

They didn’t stay where they were, they weren’t slaves, they moved on up. The people we get now come from far further south, where things are still underdeveloped.


What moron doesn’t know why those who have become dependent on slave labor want to keep using slaves?

This has been the case for as long as slave labor has been available, even with MOUNTAINS of evidence historically that a Market based free labor force is MORE EFFICIENT those with slave labor REFUSE to even listen to the arguments.

They use every tool they have at their disposal to maintain their inefficient business model and that ALWAYS includes political pressure; they will change ONLY when forced to because slave labor is no longer an option.

Farmers will happily turn 1000 terrorists loose or wreck a thousand industries in America for every 1 slave they can get on the farm; listening to farmers complain about labor is like listening to spoiled children who think cleaning their own room is an injustice.

The farmers had their “glory years” when illegal immigration was ignored at the border and the illegals were afraid of getting caught so they flocked to safe farm jobs, those days are OVER because illegals KNOW there are no consequences for getting caught and many places formally exempt them from the laws of the United States.

They have nothing to fear so they ain’t going to work on a farm.


I have worked in virtually every State west of the Mississippi–and a few East. Mostly, that was with people living and working in rural areas. I grew UP on a dairy farm–a small operation owned by my best friend and we grew clover for hay and corn for feed for his 25-26 cows which were milked twice a day, EVERY day, with no time off for good behavior. I have done business with farmers and ranchers who USED illegal immigrant labor and without. I have talked to some of those illegals. One once told me that he stayed from planting to harvest and then went home to Mexico for the winter to his TWO wives and 9 children who lived in towns 30 miles apart! He worked for 7 months and earned enough to support two families and himself for the whole year…including enough to buy an old beater to drive across the border in both directions. When I was a cop, every illegal we arrested had the telephone number of one of our county commissioners in his wallet. That commissioner owned a 4,000-acre ranch which he bought on a $750/month “salary.” His “qualification” when he first ran for office was that he knew how to drive and operate a maintainer. His road maintenance equipment sat idle for 10 out of 12 months–as did the identical equipment for every other commissioner’s precinct. One of his cohorts once complained to me that he had to carry around 4 pounds of keys in order to open locked gates so he could “maintain his county roads.” When I questioned why “county roads” were behind locked gates, he had no reply. He also told me that the commissioner previously mentioned pocketed most of his labor budget because he’d only hire illegals. He eventually got caught in a “sting” and went to prison for his corruption.


If they’re slaves, why do they move on up?

Why are they not stagnant? Why do they take their earnings and build homes?

No one throwing around Marxist labor theory ever answers this question.

But you’re not talking about free labor, are you?

You’re talking about overregulated labor, in a situation where everyone is cheating, it’s just a matter of degrees.

You’re upset at the people who buck the system entirely, while I’m upset we even play this game.

Just deregulate the damn system. That’s how you get more compliance. Quit acting like Detroit. You don’t need more enforcement, you need less stupid, costly laws.


In your last post you said they wanted farm jobs because they were transient labor, now you claim they are building homes and setting down roots, oh what a tangled web we weave…


DINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDING! We have a winner! I bet I know at least 5 to 1 (compared to Slim, not RET), and I’m in freakin’ GEORGIA. The ‘official’ numbers on illegal immigration are official horses#!, and the statistics are just a layer of bulls#! on top.


Yes, after they go back to Mexico, hence the housing boom I mentioned before.

What, did you miss that part?


Nope. I wasn’t implying they were building houses here. RET apparently missed my comment before.

I’m saying illegal aliens decreased after 2007, most went back, and lead the Mexican housing boom.
They opened plenty of businesses too.

How can slaves do that, I wonder?


That is not surprising, they work here for cash illegally while living on the dole and then send their tax free earnings back to the country they do give a crap about.

You think making this claim about what they do with their profits bolsters your argument that we should legalize the flood of people coming here to soak our taxpayers, pollute our wage market, ignore our laws and take the profits back to their “fatherland”?


1. This happens, people live migrant lifestyles.

You tried to deny it, I don’t know why, when it’s so plain obvious that this goes on. The people interviewed for that article have no reason to lie about what they do, and I’ve met people just like them.

People who lived in Mexico, coming from down south where things are far less developed than in the North, and the Cartels rule over people as psuedo-fiefdoms.

They’re people who grew tired of that life, tired of always being under that boot heel, and came here looking to at least be able to keep what they earn.

2. It’s lead to good things.

As I said, remittances work better than foreign aid or “advisers”, It’s made Mexico more stable, better integrated into the world economy, and there’s an entire class people who have success unrelated to their Government or the cartels.

It developed the North, and made Mexico a better place.

1. They add to our economy.

Even if I gave you the benefit of the highest number I could based on what we spend on welfare, it still doesn’t come anywhere close to what they contribute economically to us.

Just as in the early 20th century, immigrant labor helps our economy out. Their contribution is bigger than what the States & counties spend.

  1. Legal immigrants use more; that was an observation Milton Friedman made.

Which means it’s not a problem with immigrants, legal or illegal, it’s a problem with the welfare system.

Which we need to revise anyway. And we’re going to anyway, because it’s going broke.

I don’t think you write what you do with that fact in mind RET. I think you’re treating welfare as immutable, despite the hard limit it’s about to hit.


MORE of your nonsense, AS? For every illegal here, it costs us $81,000 per annum in welfare and uncompensated “services.” Illegals do NOT “benefit” us to anywhere near that amount. Good LORD, AS. We don’t even know how many illegals are even here!


1, That number is wrong. That would mean that they’re taking more than triple of what legals take, which we know isn’t true.

  1. You’re only thinking of tax revenue, I’m talking about economic contribution.

Of course, on the Federal level, in taxes they’re a net gain. According to the people who manage it.


BS. Of course. I realize you’re all for unrestricted illegal immigration, but you simply CANNOT believe this nonsense. Certainly not in a RATIONAL nation. YOU’RE the one “only thinking about tax revenue.” Illegals use, percentage-wise, TWICE the amount of public assistance than native-born or legal citizens. They benefit from “free” medical care by simply ignoring requests for payment and they have “free” use of roads, police and fire protection and public education…just to name a few.


I’m for replacing illegal immigration, with legal immigration.

Don’t get that wrong again.

Illegal immigration is a consequence for not having a legal immigration system that works.
Hence why half of illegals, used to be legal.

Then why are you the only one talking up fiscal costs? You did it right there in that post. I’m talking about economic effects, which you have said mum about.

It’s like you’re hiding something. The obvious reason for why economists support more, not less, immigration.


I have no problem with LEGAL immigration. YOU, on the other hand, have continuously touted ILLEGALS coming here as a “boon” to our economy which is BS on its face. They milk our welfare system, send BILLIONS back to their home countries, have NO loyalty to this country, lower wages for LEGAL residents, bring disease and crime to their communities and have raped and robbed and even murdered Americans in job-lots. You can deny it all you like, but it’s the TRUTH.

I can EASILY replace illegal immigration with “legal” immigration–you and your open border cohorts WANT to do it. You just make illegal immigration “LEGAL.” You can “solve” the rape problem, too…by making rape LEGAL. You can “solve” the murder problem in the same fashion.


Yeah you do, you keep saying they take American jobs, and we can’t let more in because it’s just “cheap labor”.

To you it’s okay we don’t let enough in to meet demand, and that we shrink the number of visas we hand out.

Ironically, by doing that, you create the black market you claim to want to end.


NONSENSE, AS. We admit around 1 MILLION legal immigrants per year…more than ANY other country on the planet…by FAR.


No, economies scale to the Population, and per person, our immigration rate is below average.


Yeah, I agree that the official numbers on immigration are completely made up B.S.
I’m less familiar with South Georgia, but from Chattanooga to Atlanta there are tons of Mexicans. Far more than 6%.
And since Atlanta is nearly 1/2 of Georgia’s population… those numbers just don’t add.

This matches what I’ve seen. There are far fewer Mexicans out in rural Georgia than there in larger towns and the one city in the state. This is what I recall in Indiana and Missouri as well. It’s even more true in Tennessee which has the most white rural areas I’ve ever been to. About 100% of non-whites live in the major towns.

The one main exception to this is Texas. Tons of Mexicans live in rural Texas. I’ve never seen this in other states.

Yes, %2.5 of the people in America are illegal immigrants. Clearly. %2.5
You have the best numbers.