Black administrator named missouri system's interim head


The University of Missouri’s governing board on Thursday appointed a recently-retired senior administrator from its flagship campus to be the university system’s interim president.
Michael Middleton, 68, takes over for Tim Wolfe, who resigned abruptly on Monday amid student-led protests over his administration’s handling of racial complaints.
Middleton, who is black, retired as deputy chancellor of the Columbia campus in August and took on the role of deputy chancellor emeritus. He had been working part-time with the campus’ chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, on a plan to increase inclusion and diversity at the school.

News from The Associated Press

Does anyone think this will resolve the problem? I don’t believe it will even if they replace all the white administrators.

As anecdote I recall a similar situation where blacks accused others of racism and they replaced the head administrator with a black woman. Yep the complaints continued.