Black Conservative Woman who appears on Hannity Fox Show


Very proper looking, pleasant looking, intelligent, CONSERVATIVE and apparently she knocked Juan Williams’ socks off the other nite on the topic of the guy who shot up the school board meeting. Did you notice that when the woman tried to overpower the guy with the gun, he knocked her to the floor and while she was fighting the guy, no man on the dais came to her aid. dam cowards.

what’s the black conservative woman’s name?? Is it Denise something?? I can’t remember.


Deneen Borelli?


I don’t know her name but she is sharp as a tack.

And your right, chivalry is all but dead. I taught my boys to never let a woman or an elderly person carry anything heavy if they were around and to open doors for women and elderly as well as other things that were quite common when I was growing up.

I cannot believe the reaction they receive when they do this.
The people old enough to remember when women and the elderly were respected just light up like Christmas trees when they see young boys who know to do these things.

The utter confusion on the face of the younger crowd is just as telling.


I had a young woman once tell me HER ARM was not broken when I opened the door. :awkward:



Me too, I have heard several FemiNazi’s protest basic courtesy with “I did not ask for that!”.

I always say “It would not be manners if you had to ask and I act like a gentleman for my sake, not yours”.

They usually just stare blankly because they have absolutely no idea what I am talking about.

Funny and Sad at the same time.


that is so ungracious of them.


I have not had a incident like that yet but once my friends grandmother went crazy when I called her ma’am. IDK why. I was being nice and just using my manners and she lost it when I called her that. She is from New England so I don’t know if it is just a northern thing or if she just didn’t like being called ma’am.


She ws just one of those yankee women.


Hey, now; I’m northern, and the U.S. Navy taught me to say “ma’am”…


Liar. :biggrin:



he is want we call a SS. (Secret Southern)


You’re what this fellow calls “dinner.”


Remember your place at the bottom of the food chain lunch!


This is really terrible but i am posting it to show just where the racism is coming from.

Black Tea-Bagging: ‘Nigger’ Deneen Borelli Please!*|*PoliticalArticles.NET

I’m sorry. I don’t know how to block the link and rename it something else. Can one of the mods do it please. This is from a leftist site.


These people have issues!

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And the ad right below those.:rofl:

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Nah, his world is just upside-down…