Black Lives Matter Lives On...thanks to Leftist Media


So, here we are again, St.Louis. Somebody shoots somebody and the Left come crawling out of the woodwork. I hope to mention a couple things to observe , if you are one that watch this kind of news footage on TV…
1)It is orchestrated…and not always by persons stirring up the crowd. Obviously, it is like a parade. The location where the cameras are ,especially CNN, is where the action will be. It reminds me of Francis Ford Coppola in “Apocalypse Now” telling the troopers with Martin Sheen to “Keep moving…don’t look at the camera”. I know that you have a camera person, a sound person, an “On Air” reporter and a director.The director picks the spot, and lets the riot come to him.
2)Persons white, black, etc., are filming the mayhem on their cell phones…dozens of them! Now, what ‘60s radical movement would be safe enough to allow Joe Q Public to take home movies??? It is obvious that the DEMONSTRATORS are DEMONSTRATING…that is, being scripted and the public is safe.
3) Now, lets have the National Guard protect the citizens of Missouri from trouble makers…MSNBC,CNN,FOX,and others are kept away. Watch the fireworks fizzle quickly.
“Demonstration” used to mean peaceful attempt at relaying a groups’ feelings. Now it means "Showing TV cameras how mad we are in a way (like burning/overturning police cars,burning the American flag, etc.) that makes good NEWS FOOTAGE.
Next time they (the Right,Left,or Middle) watch and take note.


What needs to happen is AMERICA NEEDS to put down anarchy in any form. And this IS anarchy. There is no question in my mind that we are in an era of socialist agitation, and this must be cleaned out at every level from the college classroom and those socialist professors, to idiot students who have no clue what America stands for, and to the parents who have allowed this travesty.


…and worse yet–FINANCE it themselves!