Black Lives Matter meetings run afoul of library's policy


Black Lives Matter meetings run afoul of library’s policy
Joey Garrison
The Tennessean
8:22 p.m. EST February 19, 2016

NASHVILLE — Library officials have told Nashville’s chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement that meetings restricting those who attend by race aren’t allowed on public property.

The decision has outraged Black Lives Matter members. But Nashville Public Library officials said they’re following a library policy that specifies all meetings at their facilities must be open to the public and news media.

Someone complained this week to the library system about the Black Lives Matter policy, prompting a library employee to inform the group of the library policy. Rather than open the meetings, the group decided to move less than a mile away to Dixon Memorial United Methodist Church.

“Due to white supremacy in our local government, this week’s BLM General Body Meeting location has changed,” a notice posted on the Nashville chapter of Black Lives Matter’s Facebook page reads. The notice says the group’s meetings are “open to black and non-black people of color only."

This says a lot …

… about BLM’s inherent racism …

… about the UMC’s acceptance of and support for BLM’s racism …

… about the self-hatred of BLM’s “white” supporters in accepting of and supporting BLM’s racism …

… about the library turning a blind eye to PC racism until shamed into acknowledging and acting on it; does anyone honestly believe that a Pro-Life organization or the NRA wouldn’t have been denied access a priori, based on any bogus pretext the library peeps could think up?


If the library does not know the meetings were restricting attendance then they are at no fault.

I guess that equal access is racist in the eyes of BLM.