Black Lives Matter's message to its White supporters, "get to the back of the line!"


You can’t script this any better. Yesterday at a Black Lives Matter march in Philadelphia that was what the leader of this group announced to their White supporters that they had to do.

Racism can cut both ways.


White supporters should be in the back of that line, if they are stupid enough to be there at all.


They’ve been so successful, or liberals generally have been, in teaching self-hatred to gullible young whites…why not double down? More of the same…the Leftist white tools can parade their virtuosity in that they KNOW that they’re loathsome from their skin color.

The anti-racist movement reveals, in stages, who is truly racist.


Black Lives Matter is a Racist Terrorist organization, they should all be in Guantanamo Bay as soon as they identify as members; once there I really don’t care how they choose to line up as all Terrorist, Racist, scumbag murderers are equally deserving of being at the “Back of the line”.


My grandson-in-law recently posted on Facebook that he thought “all lives matter.” I disagreed, telling him that I can think of dozens, if not hundreds, of people that without whom we’d all be better off if they never existed.


I’ll disagree in that God created them all (even Hillary), and He doesn’t want any of them to ultimately perish. Some will, but that’s their choice.