#BlackLivesMatter Candidate Deray Loses Bid To Be Mayor Of Baltimore


Apparently people have seen through the facade of a candidate with nothing to offer except blaming others for his failings.


It’s more like people simply didn’t know who he was.

He didn’t have wide-range name recognition; he was even a mystery (at least at first) to the person that won the race.

When he came to campaigning, he relied heavily on the apparatus that made him famous; twitter. But most voters in Baltimore don’t use twitter, and only about 2% of his followers lived in the city.

In short, he ran an almost purely digital-age campaign, in a city that hasn’t fully transitioned into it. Even if the city had, there were other activists in the race who were noted to have done things for years in Baltimore (a sticking point to people who did know him), that far eclipse his own record.