Blame Canada - Minimum Wage Price Increases


Is it minimum wage or living wage?
Is it fried chicken or chicken nuggets?
Either way, people are paying more for less.


I’d be curious as to how much the owners make vs what their employees make, and how much of the bottom line is actually affected if the extra pay went from the owners to the employees. Likely, we will never know.


Why should the OWNER of a business sacrifice HIS income in order to comply with a stupid “law” requiring him to pay his employees more? The ones who should bear the cost are the employees themselves since, by in large, it’s THEY who are demanding higher wages–usually for the SAME level of productivity.


I have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to productivity vs wages. It’s been by and large accepted that there have been massive upsides with productivity, with pretty much flat-line compensation. Employers are generally not providing extra pay despite increasing productivity.


It would seem to me, Pappadave, that you are trying to wring blood from a stone. After all, the top 1% now own over half the worlds wealth, and yet you want the poor to bear the cost of… the poor?

As much as I hear about the baby boomers whining about the “entitled” millennial generation, it seems to me that the millennial’s are pretty much poorer most generations these days.

I mean, do the rich just get off on making sure this income/wage gap just continues to get worse and worse? It seems that way.


When my generation was young, it was pretty much the poorest generation.


Considering the steady increase in the income/wage gap, that totally makes sense.


The millennials are poorer because, instead of learning a trade that pays well, they are striving for–and getting–college degrees in women’s, black and chicano “studies,” music or art appreciation, sociology (that pays social workers UNDER $20K per year) or even underwater basket-weaving and can’t find anyone willing to HIRE them except a few not-for-profit NGOs. Way too many are back living off of their PARENTS while they look unsuccessfully for jobs.


Ya also don’t jump right into the top tier of your field or the top tier of pay when you’re young, generally speaking.


I’ve known many young people that complain about that. Right out of college, they think they should be making as much as their parents, who have been 20 or 30 years in their professions.