BLM’s London Protest Against ‘Racist’ Climate Had All White Protesters


Black Lives Matter UK (BLM UK) has been forced to deny they’ve been “hijacked” by white people and Greenpeace after they held an all-white protest focused on climate change.
On Tuesday morning, BLM UK “shut down” London City Airport because “environmental inequality is a racist crisis” and “impact[s] on the lives of black people locally and globally”.
Many people online were confused how climate change was suddenly a “racial issue”, as the group claimed.
It was then observed that all nine of the activists involve where white

BLM’s London Protest Against ‘Racist’ Climate Had All White Protesters | Weasel Zippers

Through the years I have seen many silly things. This is another example of one. Here we have a group who apparently are so brainwashed they need to find a cause to support even if it does not make sense. How Black Lies Matter figures in to this is anyone’s guess.



As I have said. They do not care about minorities. They are just a stepping stone to push an agenda in their eyes.


Ok, nobody has posted here so I’m going to use this to spout off my feelings about racism.
First off the problem is about 99.9% smaller than people currently think it is. Are there racist out there, sure. But they aren’t under every bush or around every corner. They are few & far between. And there used to be at least as many black racist as there were white racist. The media (& our president) has changed that ratio to more like 10 to 1.
But why are they still around. Simple, it’s because it’s human nature to blame your failures on someone else besides YOU. I didn’t get that job because it was a black (or white) guy hiring. It’s not MY FAULT, it was a racist action.
And here’s another human nature trait. If you believe something you will ALWAYS find that the facts prove to you that your right. If you think someone is racist every comment they say will reinforce what you believe because everything they say can be twisted into being racist. Perception IS REALITY. You perceive a person is a racist, then they are a racist to you.
And the media can sway (at first) & over time change your perception. My stepfather was a true racist. I don’t know if he started out that way. But I do know that reading the Houston newspaper daily reinforced all of his racial views. Blacks killing blacks, killing white, robbing, etc. were every day fodder for the paper. But here’s the funny thing. Later in life he started going to the VA & while waiting for appointments etc. he started meeting blacks on one on one. He made friends, swapped cooking tips, & basically all the stuff that “friends” will do. And that changed his perspective. Make of that what you will.


Old Tex I could not have said it better myself.


Here’s a story for you. Back in the 70’s the military had classes on race relations. Everyone had to go.
The guy that taught the class was a prior flight line mechanic. A short black guy. He explained about his racial problem out on the flight line. He worked with 6 redneck that all happened to come from the Georgia Alabama area (real rednecks). His boss was also from around there (South Carolina or somewhere like that). They worked on fighter aircraft. And the single worst job that you could do in SC in the summer time working on fighters was anything that required you to go into the intakes (small tunnel type tube on each side of the airplane). Picture the temperature around 100 to 105 degrees & your inside a metal tube in the sun. Well after a while he started to notice that he was ALWAYS given that job & it was hell. The most that he could really spend in the intake was about 20 minutes because of the heat & then he had to crawl out & cool down & chug water. Again it was hell & it became obvious to him that he was being picked for the job because he was black. Obvious racism! So he thought about it a while & got madder & madder watching others getting easier jobs & he finally went to his boss & blew up. Yes he even called him a racist (you have to be real mad to do that in the AF). He said his boss was real calm about it & called all the other mechanics in & had them line up. The boss then asked him to look at them & pick out how they were different from him. Duh! He was the only black guy there & he told his boss that. His boss then pointed out to him that he was also the only SMALL GUY there (the others were 6 ft or more). He was picked for the job because he was the only one that could crawl (without help) into the intake & the only one that could (without help) crawl out of the intake without help. The others had to have someone standing by to grab their feet & pull them out. Not only that but it was easier for him to work in there because his shoulders didn’t touch each side of the tube.
So the perception of racism isn’t always the reality of racism. I heard that story more than 40 years ago & it’s always stuck with me.


We would have all drawn the same conclusion as the black soldier had you been niggardly with the facts which gave credence to the outcome.