BO and the Russian connection

Well, well, well! What do we have here? Proof that the Hildabeest was behind the so-called “Russian connection” before the 2016 election! Well bust my bunions! Who’d a thought!

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“proof” is that the Obama administration was briefed on unverified intel?

If this counts as proof, then I suppose you also fully accept the Russian bounty story? Why won’t Trump address that?

I don’t understand the Russia bounty story.

Why would a bounty give jihadists any additional motivation to murder American soldiers? Aren’t they crazy-as-a-loon committed already to murdering American soldiers for a better afterlife? American soldiers all know that they’re targets when stationed in Muslim countries, so they always have to make adequate preparations for defense.

Besides, if President Trump confronts Putin about it, is there any chance at all that he’ll confess that it’s true? And if the story is true and President Trump tells Putin to “cut it out” like Obama bravely did, is there any chance at all that Putin will do anything different, other than perhaps smirk?

(And what’s the chance that the Russians still have friendly contacts in Afghanistan anyway, given their history?)

Leftists act like this is a smoking gun, but I don’t see it as any issue at all.

As for the new intelligence:

DNI John Ratcliffe informed the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that the prior administration obtained Russian intelligence in July of 2016 with allegations against Clinton, …

Ratcliffe’s letter doesn’t offer specifics on the intelligence …

I fear this is of little value because all of us on the right have known it for years and the left will just assume that such non-specifics are “another Trump lie.”

I was recently dismayed to learn that a couple otherwise-rational friends that I thought were nonpolitical have been poisoned into believing that everything the president says is a lie. Oh the irony! But it’s a deadly irony. How much of the “undecided” vote has been poisoned into believing the president is a liar?

I’m afraid he did that to himself. If he wouldn’t tell such easily disprovable lies and half truths so frequently, he wouldn’t have cultivated that image so well.

Interestingly, it seems we have far less undecided voters than most elections. Someone on Reddit has been overlaying the 2016 vs. 2020 538 weighted polling averages. Here’s the most recent update from 6 days ago:

Super stable, but noticeably both percentages are much higher than 2016 indicating less undecided voters.

Please keep relying on the polls…just like Hillary did in 2016!


The difference is that the margin at the end of 2016 between Hillary and Trump was ~3.8 points with ~12 points worth of undecided voters. If the election were held when the above graph was updated, the margin between Biden and Trump is 7.29 with only ~6.5 points of undecided voters.

@Gene, why don’t you cut out the RINO act? If I were in your position, I would very sad that I would have to vote for Biden, Harris, AOC, Pelosi and Schumer because I disliked Trump. I would keep my head down, and hope to survive the next four years because a true Republican would find those people totally repulsive.

Not you. You mouth their positions just like a “good Democrat.” You are not going to change any minds here.

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President Trump very frequently says, “It’s the best ever, not even close.” This is a little annoying and likely false in some situations, but he’s obviously a salesman. When a salesman exaggerates the product he’s hawking, there’s a legal name for his claims which I forget, but they’re not legally lies. But the stinking leftists tally every "best ever" claim as yet another lie.

He promised to not entangle the US in war and he’s kept that promise. Am I right that the last four presidents to not go to war or step up an existing war were Harding, Coolidge, Hoover and Eisenhower? (All Republicans, BTW.)

There were news videos of torrents of illegals running across the border from Mexico by the hundreds in 2015-2016. He promised to stop it. Have you heard news of even one illegal entering this country in the last year?

A lot of presidents have run for reelection on a theme of something like “promises made and promises kept,” but this president can claim it with real authority. How is he a liar?

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Most recently, insisting Covid-19 doesn’t effect or is not spread through children. It’s often less severe in children, but there’s still some who have died or passed it to parents/teachers that were hit hard. That may be his hunch, but it’s not based on anything.

I’m listening to Chris Martenson’s latest video right now. He presents the science that seems to suggest freer is healthier. That is, states that did NOT shutdown had lower death rates.

President Trump got bullied into shutting down the country by scientists like that little rat Fauci. But his initial instinct might have been better. We absolutely would have had less deaths if we had followed his lead and prescribed hydroxychloroquine with zinc. Or much better, if it was available over the counter so people could have it in their medicine chests.

We started out not knowing much about the China virus, so some of what President Trump (and everyone else) said was wrong. But leftists call everything a “lie”. In so doing, the leftists are lying.

Easy, because not all who claim to be jihadists are. Many are just violent psychopaths looking for an excuse to rape, pillage and plunder. Basically, they seek power and acting in the name of a relentless interpretation of Islam affords them that opportunity. So much the better if they are paid.

That’s as good of an excuse as any to justify the conduct of those practice radical Islam. Perhaps you could email that thought to Representative Omar when she needs an excuse for the next Islamic atrocity.

How so?

Ken asked what difference paying bounties would make and my answer is in response to that question.

If you are insinuating that I think that there are not radical Islamist that want to kill Americans, then you misunderstood.

In furthering my answer to his question, if Jihadists want to kill Americans, they need money to do it. So from their perspective, it’s a win win.

That’s why it matters if Trump calls it out, which he has not.

Wrong. There is NO documented case of a child infecting a teacher with Covid-19 in the US…not a single one.

I mean, there’s like no “documented” cases of anyone infecting anyone. We can’t actually know for certain who infected who once it gets to pandemic levels

Even if that is totally accurate, how would President Trump’s public statement about it or President Trump’s demand that Putin “cut it out” make one tiddly wink’s difference to the safety of our soldiers?

If bounties are being offered, wouldn’t it make sense that they’re being offered in total, absolute, eyes only, plausibly deniable secrecy? Unless the Russians want to get caught causing the death of Americans, which they’ve historically avoided.

No, the reason the media brought it up over and over and over again is so they could lie about President Trump by creating the illusion that he was favoring the communist leader over the lives of our own troops. The America First guy. The media is so repugnant and filled with hatred that it makes me sick.


Then what’s the point of contact tracing?

To tell likely places where people could have contracted it or who is likely to have already contracted it. You still can’t say for certain that’s where they got it from