BO sees 2016 election as a "personal insult"


Look who’s calling the President a “buffoon”!! And BO should consider the election as a personal insult! He must be so blinded by his own reflection in the mirror or he’s just that stoopid.


Translation: Hillary is history, Old Joe might self-destruct and we democrats have two dozen socialist/communist dwarfs headed for the cliff. Not to worry, Michelle is waiting in the bullpen to save the day.


Trump was very aware of this, which is why he kept needling Obama about erasing his legacy quite frequently in the first year.


Any president who gives the Iranian Government, which supports terrorism around the world, hundreds of millions of dollars in cash should expect to be insulted. Now BO’s favorite organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, is in line to be declared a terrorist organization. If you don’t want to be insulted, then don’t give aid and comfort to bad people.