Bob Hamp's heresy


Check out this heresy. While speaking of his episode of direct revelation, Bob Hamp says that God needs him (Hamp ), because he is a teacher. So, let me get this straight. The preeminent Lord and Creator of all things who told the seas to go so far and then said stop and they obeyed, who told the mountains to go so high and said stop and they obeyed, who provided salvation to some of man kind the most depraved creature this side of demons, actually needs help from a guy just because he is a teacher? This would be so comical if it weren’t so blasphemous and an evil doctrine of demons. God loves us, but He does not need us. We need Him.


My first reaction was, “Who is Bob Hamp?”

My second is that I’d like to see what he actually said before labeling him a heretic (and at this point, if a video is involved, I can’t watch it). While it certainly is true that God does not NEED anything or anybody, it is also true that God has chosen to work through believers, generally, and has given certain people certain ministry gifts, “teacher” being one specifically listed in Ephesians 4:11. In light of that, Bob Hamp may be a heretic - or at least seriously arrogant and not understanding what he believes he should teach - or he may have spoken carelessly, or his words may have been misconstrued.


Pete, thanks for your response. I never heard of Bob Hamp either until I came across this link, read the article, and watched the video. I have issues with what I have seen out of Hamp regarding his claims of direct revelation among other things. I also noticed he works for (at least at the time of the writing of the article) Robert Morris who is a prosperity preacher telling the flock all these good things will happen if they give their first fruit of ten percent before paying their other bills, but if they don’t do this their marriages would fail, their kids would fall away and they would open the door to demons in their lives. I had researched Robert Morris in detail while the church I attended at the time began “The Blessed Life” series and discovered he and his ilk are exposed with discernment and should be avoided. We left the church and have since been attending and are members of a sound Bible teaching church.