Bob Woodward Saga


Is anyone following this series of stories? It looks like Bob Woodward and the White House are at war. The Latest round involves a 30 minute shouting match and the WH threatening Bob Woodward.

Woodward calls the President a liar:
Bob Woodward: Obama’s sequester deal-changer - The Washington Post

Woodward calls the WH’s reaction to the Sequester madness:
Bob Woodward: Obama’s Sequester ‘Madness’ - Business Insider

The White House strikes back with a threat:
White House to Bob Woodward: ‘You will regret doing this’ [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller


When Lanny Davis comes out about being threatened by the white House you know it’s real.
Lanny Davis: Obama White House Threatened Washington Times Over My Column


I have been. Bob is one of the few journalist I actually admire.