Bobby Jindal: let's end LA state income tax!!!!


Louisiana Governor Jindal proposes ending state income tax | Reuters

This would be excellent news for Louisiana, putting us on a competitive playing field with TX and FL.


Wouldn’t hurt his prospects for 2016 primary season either!


If Texas ever did institute a state income tax it would be severely limited thanks to the Texas Constitution. Plus it would be hard to pass thanks to the very reason.

EDIT: Also I wish yall luck!!


Louisianna has got it going on! I mean that. North Western Louisianna has managed to pull more business away from Arkansas simply by how business friendly the state is. (Gov. Beebe managed to screw up every advance Huckabee made.)

I’m rootin’ for ya, LA. And yes, partly due to selfish reasons. If you go ‘no state income tax’, perhaps AR will follow suit. Thing is, that’s best for everybody!