Boehner Is A Complete Fool


I read today that Speaker Boehner (R- Ohio) sent a letter to Obama - as is customary in January on the part of the Speaker - inviting him to deliver the State Of The Union. So far, so good. Just one problem - Boehner invited him to speak on February 12. Feb. 12 is Lincoln’s birthdate.

Do you think Obama might make use of that fact during the narrative of his speech? Gee, do you think?? Obama and the Dems will take full advantage of this “gift” from the idiot known as Boehner - the symbolism and the opportunity to draw comparisons to Lincoln - BS though it will be - will not be wasted by Obama and the mainstream media.

It is hard to imagine a more lame GOP leadership. Unbelievable!!!


Am I the only one that has a problem with Boehner’s brain-dead invitation date?


I see the irony and agree Boehner is a fathead and is working closely with Obama. Heck he does not even try to disquise his boot licking. Obama has been trying to eqate himself with various presidents and it looks like Boehner wants to help.


I doubt it. It’s just that, “Boehner is a Complete Fool,” isn’t exactly news.


Yeah I think Obama giving a speech on Lincoln’s birthday is the least of our worries. Fact. Obama’s motto is You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. Those who are paying attention knows that he politicizes everything!!! If not directly, then indirectly with photo ops and interjections when no interjections should be made about race religion class warfare or how evil conservatives are. Funny that he wants to compare himself to Lincoln, when most progessives hate him (meaning Lincoln)!

I will never in a million years understand this man’s thinking! That’s why I am a republican, because I don’t drink his Kool-Aid and study him in an objective way.


Oh, I understand Obama. It’s why I loathe the very sight of his face.
As far as him enlikening himself to Lincoln goes, that’s quite the hoot. They’re polar opposites. Lincoln’s main objective was to keep the States united; Obama’s is to divide them as much as he can.
(Not to be contrued as my having any love for Lincoln.) Progressives hating Lincoln is news to me.

As far as Boehner’s choice of dates, I’m guessing it simply didn’t occur to him that Feb. 12 is Lincoln’s b-day.
Yes, it should have. But on the meter of seriousness of screw-ups, all I can come up with is, “What, is he trying to compete with Biden?”


My guess is that Boehner did not realize the significance of Feb 12. And, doesn’t that say something about Boehner? And if Boehner did recognize Feb 12 as the symbolically significant date that it is, then that tells us something about Boehner, too. Either way, the guy is a dolt and unworthy of support.


Bonehead Boehner is a fool.


I actually like the timing:

  1. It comes just 3 days before the debt ceiling is set to be hit forcing a shut-down. Should be good for some fireworks.
  2. It gives the Republicans the chance to RESPOND to the SOTU on Lincoln’s Birthday and remind the public that the PARTY OF LINCOLN is STILL looking out for them.
  3. If a good responder is picked…we could get a Lincolnesque speech that inspires our party and the general public independents and begins to unite us again.


Lincoln is one of my least favorite presidents who did more to divide the county than unite it, regardless of his ‘good intentions’, so I don’t know where you come up with that thinking.
Pardon me if I’d prefer about anybody than Lincoln to be looking out for me.


You’re entitled to your opinion. I think highly of him…and his RHETORIC was soaring and memorable regardless of what you think of his presidency…which was what I was saying here.
I’ll leave the discussion of his Presidency to another thread and time.