BoJo the Bozo is gone

This is amazing, Not only is he viewed with polite contempt by pretty much everyone in the UK, he is despised by his own political party. I also wouldn’t put much stock in him staying on until August either - I suspect the Tories want to wash the smell off very quickly.

Seeing as Boris’ pervious career got him fired from a British newspaper for lying (and if you’ve ever read the Herald Sun or the Daily Mail you’d know that takes some serious effort), I see his future as something similar to how Nigel Farage whores himself out to hack organisations like PragerU.

Goodbye Boris. I’m sure someone will miss you. But they won’t get the professional care they clearly need considering you booted out all the nurses in your crusade to deceive everyone about Brexit.

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Wonder how long it will take before his woman beats a retreat.

Oh, that our Fearless Leader on this side of the Atlantic would make the same choice…
Of course, that means we get an automatic Kamila penalty!!!

Funny you should mention that. Johnson’s incompetence, the way he screwed up covid, his constant lying, sense of entitlement because of his upbringing and his numerous failed marriages did cause everyone to compare him to a useless moronic President. You wouldn’t be able to guess who though, I suspect.

Bill Clinton? Obama Ben Laid on¿

Wow. And I thought I was harsh to Boris (NSFW)