Bombshell: Eric Holder Lied to Congress Under Oath


Bombshell: Eric Holder Lied to Congress Under Oath
by Bryan Preston


During friendly questioning from Rep. Hank … Johnson in Congress last week, Attorney General Eric Holder offered the following statement.

[quote]In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material. This is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy.

He made that statement before the facts about the sweep on Fox News’ James Rosen were known. … it’s come to light that Holder himself approved the subpoena that … named Rosen as a criminal co-conspirator.

So, Eric Holder lied under oath before a congressional hearing.

In addition to that, he may have intentionally misled a judge in the request of Rosen’s phone records according to Jennifer Rubin.[/quote]
A little hubris here, a few lies there in an affidavit and further along before Congress, and Holder should be facing impeachment and felony prosecution. Like Congress has the spine and cajones to impeach him and the Obama Justice Department would prosecute the AG!


From the article:

Eric Holder will be investigating Eric Holder to determine if Eric Holder lied under oath and misrepresented facts before a federal judge.

That won’t do.

Eric Holder must resign, and he must face investigation and probable prosecution.

Agreed, but like that’s gonna happen.

And, as many may know, Rosen was also accused of being a “co-conspirator.”

FINALLY, last night, (on, Five, (I think?), somebody asked, "So who’s the “co?” I can’t be the only one who was wondering that.)


From this HuffPo article:

Rosen allegedly spoke to Stephen Jin-Woo Kim, a State Department contractor, for a story about North Korea’s nuclear program. The Justice Department charged Kim with violating the Espionage Act for his contact with Rosen.


Well, I’ll be. Thanks, Pete.

I have to admit surprise, (and do I dare add ‘admiration’?), for WashPo and HuffPo for coming to Rosen’s defense. They see the writing on the wall, and are at least wise enough to admit that one day it could be them, too. Perhaps all due to it happening to the AP, also, but I still gotta give 'em kudo’s for coming to Rosen’s defense.
I’ve not heard much added about the W.H. targeting ALL of FoxNews, but then I haven’t seen all the news, either.

This line out of the HuffPo article took me aback some:

Kim’s case has already been condemned by critics of the White House’s hyper-aggressive approach to leaks,…

Uhh…did people forget the NYT’s being allowed to slide on all their leaks? (Such as how we were catching terrorists before they struck?)


It’s been more than Rosen that the Obamians have gone after at Fox. Were this only Fox people being targeted, I’m not sure the MSM would give a … . But with those AP reporters and that CBS reporter (Sharyl Attkisson?) being targeted as well, many MSM folk realize they could be targeted next. And are responding accordingly.


DOJ Acknoweldges that Holder Signed Off on Subpoena for Fox Reporter’s Emails and Phone Records
by Bryan Preston


Eric Holder did it. Then he lied about it. Between doing it and lying about it, he tried to hide it.

[quote]The Justice Department acknowledged late Friday that Attorney General Eric Holder was on board with a search warrant to obtain the personal emails of a Fox News reporter, as media and civil liberties groups continued to raise concerns about the case.

Following prior reports indicating that Holder had likely signed off on the search warrant, the Justice Department acknowledged Holder’s involvement and defended the decision. It insisted the call to seek these files — in the course of an investigation into a leak allegedly made by State Department contractor Stephen Jin-Woo Kim — was legal.
There are at least two issues in play here. The first is whether the search and obtaining copies of Rosen’s e-mails was legal at all. The issue in this thread’s OP is that AG Holder may have committed perjury by denying before Congress, under oath, that he approved the Rosen search, including the claim that Rosen was a co-conspirator with Kim. The OP suggests that Holder had done exactly that, and now DOJ has confirmed it. How AG Holder could claim he did not commit perjury, I cannot see. But that takes us back to Congressional spine and gonads, and to the likelihood the DOJ would prosecute the AG.


He should get what Martha Stewart got.


They don’t like any dissent and are used to the rest of the media being a puppet of the government. When someone does their job and tries to hold the government accountable, they resort to strong arm tyrannical tactics. I hope Holder fries for this, but I doubt it. If he can get away with having blood on his hands from Fast and Furious, he can get away with this.


Throw him in one of his FEMA camps.