BOMBSHELL: Puerto Rican Cop Claims Democrat Mayor Is Sabotaging Relief Efforts


But, But, But … It’s all Trumps fault!:roll_eyes:


For those of you that speak Spanish!


I’m willing to bet that the Mayor is incompetent, and likely left her own city vulnerable to this catastrophe. It’s true all over the Island; basic infrastructure was left in dissray, utilities have been going broke for decades.

But she can’t sabotage the relief effort (at least not in the way the Policewoman was implying), because she doesn’t have jurisdiction over the ports. The ports have their own authority, and they’ve stated, time & again, that they have 3,000 shipping containers sitting around, because they don’t have the drivers or the fuel to distribute them.

The Policewoman insisted the U.S. military should come in to distribute the aid directly; perhaps her town hadn’t seen them yet, as there are apparently 17,000 federal and military aid workers already ashore.

The Governor has been very complimentary of Trump;

…And Trump has been complimentary of him, so I don’t see any angle here for him either to sabotage relief, even if he had authority to do it.

The Policewoman also mention aid from Venezuela and Cuba being turned away, but that’s either another consequence of the Jones Act (turning away foreign-flagged vessels that visited an American port previously), or because the port terminals are at their capacity, and can’t accept anymore containers.


Her, like the Houston Mayor and like the New Orleans Mayor are far left, incompetent people, who should have never been voted into office to begin with. But its the new normal. We should have LISTENED to Dr King when he said:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Sadly, today we hire based upon your race, sexual orientation, color, creed or anything but can you do the job, do you have the skills and knowledge to perform.

Had we followed Dr Kings words of advice, Obama would NEVER had been elected!