Book Review - Staying Alive

Book Title: Staying Alive: How to Act Fast and Survive Deadly Encounters
Authors: Michael Dorn, Dr. Sonayia Shepherd, Steve Satterly, Chris Dorn, in association with Safe Havens International Inc
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help, Education
Publisher: Barron’s Educational Series (May 1, 2014)
Available on Kindle: yes
Preview: yes
Pages: 304
Amazon Link: **Book Here **

As a matter of full disclosure: I know a couple of the authors and helped with some of the editing.

Considering all the terror threats in the news, many people might find this book useful. No amount of planning can totally prepare us for an attack or emergency but there are steps that the average person can take. One of the primary things to avoid is panic or getting so overwhelmed by events you can’t act.

What this book provides are options, and insight in how to prepare and react in an emergency from people who, not only have been there, but who teach what they have learned to schools, companies and agencies worldwide.

It’s not often you can find a book on this type of topic that the average person can get a lot out of, since most of these types of books want you have skills most people don’t have or have time to develop. What this book does, is show how to avoid critical situations by explaining how to pay attention and what to look for. If an emergency can’t be avoided, it shows you how to minimize the potential damage and increase your odds of survival.

The fact it’s not just a bunch hypothetical situations but real events people have experienced provides a lot of insight on what can go wrong and the best ways to respond. I consider this book a good choice if you want to increase your odds of surviving critical situations whether natural disaster, fire, random crime or terror attack.