Book Review: Wolfling by Gordon R Dickson

Book Title: Wolfling
Author: Gordon R. Dickson
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 157
Available on Kindle: no
Preview: no
Link: Wolfling

When aliens, who look like humans but superior in ever way, have discovered earth; the future of its position within this new alien empire rests with one man. After a series of grueling tests, earth has selected James Keil, who they think can maneuver an invitation to the thrown world. At the last minute, his handlers begin to have second thoughts when James makes an objective summation of his situation but it’s too late. The invitation has already been offered and James has it. The adventure concludes with unexpected results; not only for James Keil and earth, but the empire itself.

Here’s another great book by Gordon R. Dickson; A very interesting story of a man maneuvering his way through an alien capitol. With court intrigue and a seductive temptress, whose skills of seduction surpass anything he’d find on earth, our hero must constantly be on guard. There are twists and turns as the culture, and world, he finds himself in, reveals itself. But James is not without skills of his own.

A book well worth reading.

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