Books on presidential elections

I recently read What It Takes, by Richard Ben Cramer, about the 1988 presidential election. It’s written in the style of New Journalism, not very different from that of Bonfire of the Vanities, which I also read not long ago.

It follows most of the Democratic and Republican primary candidates from the gestation of their campaigns to the declarations of candidacy and through the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. The remainder of the primaries and the general election are glossed. The book also describes the backgrounds and formative experiences of the candidates.

Since finishing the book, I’ve been casting around for books on the presidential elections of other years. For example, yesterday, I found a copy of T.H. White’s The Making of the President 1964. I haven’t read it yet, and probably won’t at least for a few more weeks.

I’ve heard about some others, such as the recent Collision 2012. Has anyone read that? Or are there others that you’d recommend?