Boomer Remover: GenZ and Mills laughing it up

welll…it’s not so terrible. These ‘kids’ are not right. Loving socialism and they don’t even know what it is. Wishing death on their grandparents…That’s family love right there…I think you can thank their cells and their education for that. no respect for life, no thought of others except themselves. The true Babylonian mind set. ‘I am the only one, there are no others’ Give me socialism with everything free…what they don’t get is they’re not gonna be able to afford all that free stuff. heh heh heh

They are little robots have been programmed by the education system. I watched this start when I was in undergraduate school in the late 1960s… Socialism was getting its foothold in the universities and worked its way into elementary, junior high and high schools through the education students. Now the colleges are hot beds for communism although these little pups will tell you that they are “socialists not communists.”

Most of them have no idea how a socialist economy works. They know nothing about the planning boards that dictate what and how much is to be produced. They know nothing about the shortages and economic displacement that results. All they know about is “free stuff,” “I don’t have to pay off my student loans.” and “free health care.” They also figure that socialism will save the planet from global warming.

They don’t follow the news well enough to know that the most beloved of all socialist countries, Communist China, spews out more carbon than most of the western countries combined, including the United States. They don’t know that the U.S. has cut carbon emissions more than any other country over the past couple of years.

In other words, they don’t know their head from a hole in the ground, but they know enough to want us dead so that they can take over with Bernie Sanders in the lead.

It’s funny because your generation were burning their bras going to Woodstock and advocating for free love. Oh how we become our parents…lol

Nope. MY generation was going to war in Vietnam and getting spit on by the so-called “flower children” when they came home. MY parents were poor as church mice and would have been appalled at the idea of taking anything from the government to help them. We did without and made do with what we had.


My parents were very much like Poppadave’s family except that they were better off financially. They still had their struggles. My father lost his business and a lot of money in the late 1950s. He was deeply in debt, but they gradually paid that off and were very comfortable when retirement time came. They never asked for anything from the government. Naturally they did collect Social Security, Medicare and my mother’s pension from teaching.

Today, it seems like everybody expects a free ride. That’s all the Democrat Party seems to be these days. It’s the party of “gimme gimme!” and screw the rich people who should be paying more taxes to GIVE ME MORE!

So all that bra burning is more “fake news”?

My family was much like you guys. My mom was left a widow at 32 with two kids. My brother and I. At the funeral home, she was told that she never had to work again, just sit back and collect SS for her my brother and I. She said…then what will I do when they are grown? She didn’t do that…What she did was to go out get a job and let me tell you she had some 'stinker’s for awhile. And it was touch and go for awhile…but she made the right decision and she thrived. She said, 'no one had ever given her or left her something upon their death and she was going to make sure her kids had an inheritance from her…and that is exactly what she did…with NO HELP from the government. In case you don’t know this. The world is like a vulture when it comes to a young widow.

Pretty much. I never knew ANYONE who ever burned their bra. Nor, for that matter, did I ever know anyone who KNEW anyone who’d ever burned their bra.

The bra burners were part of the far left of our generation. They did lot of screaming and yelling, like the “vagina hat” wearers of today. I remember one funny photo where they showed a woman leaning over to set fire to a bra in a trash can. You could also see the tops of the one she was wearing in the open area of her blouse.

Thank you for saying that!
I hate how Liberals always try to define generations by whatever their particular minority scumbags were doing.

In the 70’s I lived in San Francisco Bay Area and was in elementary school, we mocked the hippies as dirty dopers but to hear CSB tell it they were the “voice of the generation”.

They were despised losers then just like today, we respected those who fought for this country and we made sure the hippies that shouted “baby killer” at our vets got shamed every time they poked their heads out.