BO's next vacation to Africa....


Well, personally, I think the idiots who voted this marxist-muslim in the WH should pay for his vacations.

What a total disgrace!! Can you image if Bush had done this???

White House defends high bills for Africa trip - Washington Times


I think I read Bush did. Presidents live high off the hog and it should end.


Bush did do this. All presidents do it.


I’d have to read something to prove that before I’d believe it. There’s no question that presidents live high on the hog. But this is ridiculous. How can anyone justify a $100 million dollar vacation to Africa when our country is in the economic state it’s in? We must be the laughing stock of the world because of this fool.


Agree. Just because they all do it doen’t mean they should.


Well first off, no one takes a vacation to Africa. I’m pretty sure it’s a foreign relations trip. And Bush’s trips to his ranch in Texas alone cost around about $20 million per year total, but I think Clinton holds the record for most expensive trips.