Boycott time


well…time for another one. Will you join me in a one week (for now) China product boycott. They need us. Not the other way round. THE WHOLE WORLD needs the US.

For one week. Starting May 14, Tuesday 2019, please take the time to look at the label and if it says China, put it back. I know this might sometimes mean…not buying the product because you can’t find a replacement. But please. We elected Trump in spite of our GutterMedia/ENEmedia and political elites.
Let’s try this. thanks.


Er, that was last month.



I meant May.


well…I guess I blew that.


Couldn’t agree more. In the early 90’s I forbade my wife from buying anything made in Red China. Eventually I relented as the floodgates opened. National self-sufficiency is important, especially for military needs. There might be some discomfort in cutting off China but we will recover from that quickly. I have no hatred for the Chinese people but their government is much more than an economic threat to us and if it means destroying their economy, so be it.