My Fellow Americans,
It has come to my SENATORIAL ATTENTION that some,nay,ALL of you are disgusted by the goings on in HOLLYWOOD by left wing alleged actors and actresses. Now,the last MOVIE I went to ,at an actual movie theater where I spent money to see the movie, was “Jaws”. When it first came out. Not TWO or THREE etc etc, but the ORIGIONAL. The reason, besides my CARE and WATCH over the money invested in me by my constituents and basically my frugal cheap nature, is that I do not WISH TO SUPPORT PERVERTED,LEFTIST WEIRDOS that are living the pampered life…(not counting Congress, of course).I intend to continue my BOYCOTT of HOLLYWOOD and wonder if YOU, Truehearted Republicans, are giving your moolah to the REAL SWAMP that needs cleaned out! And that means Disney and Pixar and "Pirates of the Caribbean and so forth…;.
**No other message will speak to these ne’er do wells except their pocket books and bank accounts.
[SIZE=2]**What say you?

The Senator


I don’t get it; Pirates of the Caribbean has had consistent quality issues after the first one, but I’m not aware of anything blatantly political.

And what’s wrong with Pixar? They created Up!, The Incredibles, and the Toy Story Trilogy. All of which are fine pieces of Americana in their own right. My own mother likes to cite The Incredibles as evidence of God having a sense of humor.


Dear Alaska Slim,
CONTENT of movies is not the issue…FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS are…
You pay Johnny Depp, you give him a platform to spout off about whatever, to finance whomever, to live the opulent lifestyle.
Sorry ,but not personally willing to enable that sort of Hollywood. Ditto Kathy Griffith, Cher Bono, Madonna, and other miscreants of the Silver Screen.
PIXAR and DISNEY are also providing work (voice-overs) for these same folks.
Boycott I am!

The Senator


I think, that’s a great idea!!!

But there is something that we should do too: Promote and demand for conservative movies!
There are still a few actors, writers and producers that are conservative. I think we – the people – should show that DEMAND FOR CONSERVATIVE PRODUCTS! are supporting conservative artists, and abdicate left wing effluxions. This will hurt liberal celebrities much more!

And it will help those are not betraying the country.

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Have you noticed how many fast food places now have multiple TV sets in them? Zaxby’s,some McDonalds, etc. And if they have multiple sets, one is on FOX and one is on CNN or an equally scaly MSNBC? I for one have extended protesting the LEFTIST SUBCULTURE by getting up or choosing a seat that faces the FOX TV set. Goes to show whose heart is good and pure; those glued to the CNN MESS are ,no doubt, leftists, extreme Muslim Clergy,and probally gay. Democracy is a wonderful thing.You can despise whomever you choose.

The Senator
PS: I meant to ask a serious question: If a US Post Office person shoots up a Post Office, they are refered to as “GOING POSTAL”. The doctor from the Bronx facility that shot the place up , is he refered to as “GOING HOSPITAL”? These little issues are such as confound and perplex the best minds in the Senate.