Brain-dead Democrats


Get over it I voted for Romney so yelling to the tree tops that we should have voted for him when we did do so is doing nothing for your argument. Why not go after the Paulbots which you ignore?


I do indeed refuse to play the Statist hand, I don’t care what Party is dealing.

I also refuse to smoke crack, regardless of who cooked it.

I also refuse to steal cars, regardless of who owns them.

I also refuse to commit arson, regardless of what insurance company insures the building.

There is theme here, I don’t do things that promote the things which I despise; regardless of who wants me to do these things with them or who I think will suffer if I do them.

The GOP is an outspoken and committed enemy to Conservatives, I am a Conservative so I don’t support the GOP; there are many other Party’s that also hate Conservatives and I don’t support them either.


Sam - I was obviously speaking to those who failed to cast a ballot in opposition to Obama - of which there are several on this site who have self-identified. I obviously was not speaking to you, so why you find it necessary to reply with such contempt is unclear, but unimportant.


So, RET - after assessing the current catastrophe your list of upsides to not casting a ballot in opposition to Obama includes:

  1. you don’t smoke crack
  2. you don’t steal cars
  3. you don’t commit arson, and . . .
  4. you don’t associate with those who do.

Nice list!!


So, choosing the lesser EVIL is a “good” choice? I vote, but not for the lesser evil. And I’ve mentioned many times that it never works anyway. I used to think that way, too, and vote for the lesser EVIL, but I don’t any more. When the battle cry is “anyone but…” the name after the “but” ultimately gets elected. Because people are voting for him/her. It happens with both parties. Remember when the Dem battle cry was “Anyone but Bush”? And we conservatives are getting tired of being blamed for putting an obnoxious clown like Obama in office, because the Repubs won’t give as a good candidate. IT IS NOT OUR FAULT! Yes, we have free choice, and we have the choice to vote for good or evil. If we vote for the lesser evil we are still voting for evil. I will vote for someone whom I think will be GOOD for the country, whether or not anyone else thinks he is “electable.” Anyway, Romney wasn’t electable; he had too much baggage, and being a Mormon was the most minor part of that. The Republican leadership are doing their best to see that they don’t give us an electable candidate.


I strongly suspect that many Republicans didn’t vote because they didn’t believe it would make a dime’s worth of difference who won. That will continue to be the case unless the GOP gets its collective heads on straight and stops saddling us with wishy-washy, Democrat-lite candidates who only want to be the ones who SAY how they spend our money…not whether or not they SHOULD spend it.


[quote=“Pappadave, post:26, topic:46711”]
Democrat-lite candidates who only want to be the ones who SAY how they spend our money…not whether or not they SHOULD spend it.


As far as I understand the process, registered Republicans chose who gets chosen as their candidate for the general election. I would guess that means that you don’t like who the majority picked.


Actually the party leaders choose who should run and then they whittle it down to eliminate conservatives and have the only choices which are really their own hand picked people. This leaves potential voters with a rigged choice or going with some alternative.

The last two presidential elections were thrown to the democrats with McCain bowing out and Romney refusing to actually go against obama’s record.


How did the party leaders whittle down the conservatives?


I understand there are some states that have open primaries, so all the Ds in that state have the option of voting in the R primary. Don’t know which or how many, but that could very well be enough to allow the “robbers” to elect the “chief”!
Did this happen in '08 & '12???
Don’t know, but it sure looked like it, and I fully expect the same this go-round.


The party leaders as well as democrats will attack any that show any signs of true conservatism and thus whittle down the field to only those the republican leadership likes and the democrats will tolerate knowing they will vote with those democrats.

CONFIRMED: Senate Republican Leaders Paid for Attacks Against Conservatives | RedState


I will answer this in detail in this weeks blog, it goes up on Wednesday.
The answer to that question is the key to convincing Conservatives that the GOP can never be a suitable home for them.


By taking the money away from the Conservatives, and giving to anyone other than.

People give money to the GOP. The GOP decides where it goes. In 2012, they did not like Newt Gingrich. It went to Romney - their particular choice.
Newt ran out of money. Newt lost the nomination.

That’s, sadly, how it works.


You guess wrong because of an illogical notion that failure to support one candidate automatically means support for the other. And although I didn’t make it clear in my earlier posts, I didn’t “stay home.”

He calls us to act in obedience to Him, not in pragmatic fear of what the devil will do if we don’t get a certain worldly outcome. And again, I didn’t stay home; I did a write-in.


So Dave, you and your friends here think many Repubs stayed home because they did not think it made a dime’s worth of difference which candidate won in 2012, Romney or Obama? I completely agree with that assessment regarding why so many did not vote in opposition to Obama.

And in response to those folks I would ask them to just look around. Part-time job economy, stifling regulations out the kazoo, a scandal-ridden/stonewalling administration, all-time low job participation rate, more people receiving public assistance than ever before, pronounced increase in racial tensions with police being targeted - that’s just a partial list of problems here at home. No need to go into detail about the Middle East - Obama and his policies and lack of leadership has helped turn the ME into hell on earth and will soon cut a deal with Iran that can only be described as insane. And then we have Putin/Russia taking advantage of a weak president.

Yeah, I’m sure Romney armed with both houses of congress having a Republican majority would have performed just as bad - probably worse. Yeah, sure - no doubt. (MAJOR SARC)


Cruella, save your breath regarding pointing out to these folks that the primary process is one in which real people actually cast ballots to select the Repub candidate.

You see, unless the candidate is able to meet their every conservative standard then they cry foul and for the sake of their required and self avowed “conservative purity” they are content to withhold their support for the only real opponent of the Dem candidate - in this case, Romney. So, while they “moon” the Repub Party for the Repub primary voters “failure” to elect their idea of a suitable candidate, they watch as the likes of Obama, and perhaps soon to be Hillary, be anointed POTUS as a result of Dem voter turnout.

And, as if failure to support his Republican opponent at the ballot box weren’t enough, these guys then come on this site to bitch and moan about Obama and his policies, failures, deception and lies.

My belief is, we probably need a 3rd party - the Conservative Party. But, we do NOT have one.

And, BTW boys - for a right of center individual to go to the polls and write in Mickey Mouse or vote for some obscure candidate with ZERO chance of beating the likes of an Obama or Hillary Clinton is NOT providing real opposition - it plays right into their hand as it’s all about vote count.


I didn’t say that I AGREED with that assessment…just that many who call themselves Republicans did. I, in fact, DID vote for Romney–though I held my nose in doing so, just as I did when voting for McCain/Palin in 2008. Romney was a “nice guy” who refused to confront Obama–even with his own RECORD of failure. That’s patently STUPID.


Now you know very well that’s not true, MDMike. We know that it is unlikely that any candidate will meet “every” conservative standard. We just don’t want to vote for anyone who doesn’t meet any of them. Apparently, you are just satisfied that they have an “R” after their name.


The primary “system” (at least insofar as Republican primaries are concerned) is “fixed” to favor the GOP Establishment’s favored guy. The GOP’s coffers are full of cash–which they “donate” to “their” guy almost exclusively. Secondly, the first several primaries are mostly “open” ones…meaning that you don’t have to be a registered Republican to vote in them, which is crazy. Democrat operatives flood into those primaries and vote for the guy they think the easiest to defeat in the general election. Armed with that “momentum” they go on to win nomination because later primaries reflect voters’ deciding that the “issue has already been settled earlier.” No candidate should be nominated via the primary system EXCEPT by the votes of Registered REPUBLICANS…period. Allowing same-day registrations is also the height of STUPIDITY.