Breaking: Antifa takes over 6 Seattle blocks, sets up barricades

calls itself an autonomous zone. This is going to be interesting to watch.

mayor durkin…female, 62 yo and lesbian.

Is there not one man left in Seattle that does not self identify as a woman?

so some female commie council members gives her key to city hall to Antifa and they break in. They demand the resignation of DORKin and end of cops, courts, pensions etc.

THEN we find out that they tweet that the homeless folk they invited in stole all their food and took off…so now they are asking for food donations…soy, vegetarian things, tofu…etc. Whatever domestic radical vegetarian terrorists eat. LOLOL Anarchists…you can’t shoot 'em. Oh…wait. YES WE CAN!

Dorkin and Inslee are either okay with it or saying they don’t know anything about it.

Ineffective, corrupt,incompetent.

The president says Get it together or i’ll do it for you.

THey are insulting.

BUT the president is right.

last night some rapper…Raz simone starte making the rounds of the border with an ak and a pistol…He is in control HE SAYS. HE is the police, he says.


It’s only a matter of time before they start the long pig barbecues!!

Similar crap going on in the U.K, France ans elsewhere in Europe. This is beginning to take on the appearance of the 1848 rebellions in Europe, end result … ruthlessly put down.

I heard they’re demanding that free food be delivered to them.

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yes. It will be interesting how they turn those 6 blocks into a heaven on earth. LOoks like they’ve started it already. It would be fitting that the mayor and the governor were placed on the menu.

Threatened store owners, barricaded, no police allowed. This could be ended pretty quickly if they just cut off water, electricity, trash pick up. No food or water going in. What’s wrong with the mayor and governor. do you just let criminals take over part of your city and state??

Notice the first thing they did was to set up walls and required ID.

THAT is Ironic.

Maybe if this goes on for a while, some American citizens will wake up and realize what these people are.

George Floyd was nothing but an excuse. The sad and scary part is that big American corporations are paying these groups in hopes of keeping them off of their collective backs. It won’t. These people are communist revolutionaries.

My father’s generation knew how to deal with these animals. The current bunch of college educated fools think this is the future. Perhaps it is, but they can’t comprehend the results.

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Crackerbarrel seems to be the next target.

I don’t mind. They are leftists…let them reap it too.

If they do that, they will be in the suburbs raising hell. My impression is that a lot of Trump supporters like Cracker Barrel. If they have their meals ruined, maybe they will show up in droves on Election Day.

Of course the next issue will be if our votes are counted or are overrun by Democrat ballot box stuffing.

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First incident of self policing violence has occurred. I"ll post a link as soon as I recover it.