Breaking: Brexit Decision Deals Another Blow to Obama


The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union is the second major blow to President Barack Obama — and his legacy — in as many days.
The country’s historic referendum decision, which brought the resignation — effective in October — of U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron was made official one day after the Supreme Court left Obama’s immigration executive order frozen in perpetuity.
On Thursday, Obama pinned much of the blame for the high court’s 4-4 split decision on Senate Republicans’ unwillingness to confirm his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, and on House Republicans for blocking a Senate-passed bipartisan immigration overhaul bill in 2013.- See more at: Breaking: Brexit Decision Deals Another Blow to Obama

The fact obama has treated Britain like an enemy and will continue to do so with their decision to remove themselves from a runaway train of self destruction bent on emulating the destruction of various nation’s cultures and values which is reflected in what obama has been doing.


ulcertime for Obama.


The Brexit vote doesn’t matter to Obama that much. Since he’s for advancing the Muslim cause, and anything that tears down the western culture is okay with him. The only thing that might concern him is that it might be harder for Muslim refugees to get into England.