BREAKING: Donald Trump — I’m Open To Cruz As VP…


Donald Trump on Wednesday said that he would consider making Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) his running mate.
“I respect Ted,” he told host Bill O’Reilly on Fox News’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” “He was a very strong competitor. He really competed hard and tough.
“He’s certainly a capable guy,” the presumptive GOP presidential nominee added. “It’s something we can think about.”
Trump defeated Cruz in Tuesday’s Indiana GOP presidential primary, making him the presumptive nominee in both delegates and voter support.

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Will Cruz accept or should he?


Cruz should accept is asked. A conservative victory is need this year and even if Trump is at the helm, Cruz could do a lot of good in the position of VP. Plus I have always said a Trump/Cruz or Cruz/Trump ticket is a sure win.


I’d be ok with it. I don’t put much into Cruz being able to accomplish a lot from the vp chair though.


So then, Donald wants us to accept a serial liar, an abuser of women, an adulterer, someone in the pay of Big Finance; someone who’s wife is a Financial Mastermind keeping the little people down…

…someone who is NOT EVEN AN AMERICAN; whose FATHER HELPED OSWALD kill Kennedy…

Donald J. Trump wants us to vote for THAT guy as VP.


Either what The Donald said is true, in which case Cruz belongs in a cell; or it’s a lie, in which case Trump belongs in an insane asylum. Or in court for slander.

Either way…NO.


Cruz, I don’t think, will even entertain this. After the endless brown squirt of slander he’s endured from JUST this man…if he has a SHRED of self-respect he’ll tell The Donald to go perform an impossible sex act on himself.




It’s called politics. Fiorina said unpleasant things about Cruz…and yet…there she was…his VP candidate.


Well we have a serial groper and buffoon now as VP.


I’d say this was more like WWE wrestling, or worse, outright slander.

How a guy can try and link someones father to the Kennedy assassination with such little thought is beyond me. Worse, he makes these decisions when he is well ahead and winning. I’d hate to see him if he is losing…


It’s not called politics.

It’s called “slander.” And “character assassination.”

Casting aspersions on opponents has become the norm - but TOTALLY MADE-UP UNTRUTHS, and DELIBERATE MISINTERPRETATION of statutory laws regarding citizenship - I mean, SETTLED issues, that Presidential candidates have FACED before…?

That’s called “***-damned lies.” And Lord Trumpy is a damned, double-damned, ***-damed LIAR.