BREAKING: GOP Senators Now Believe They Have The Votes To Block Witnesses

We can hope!

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If the RINOs and the Democrats get their witnesses, I want Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and “the whistleblower” to testify. Joe Biden is so befuddled that he will make a fool of himself under pointed questioning. His son has no excuses for what he had gotten by having Joe as his daddy.

As for “the whistleblower” ANY PERSON who proposes to bring down a duly elected president MUST testify in public. You can’t maintain a republic and hope to keep it when anyone can make something up or express an opinion and reverse an election. I have ZERO RESPECT for the “whistleblower.” He or she is a coward so long as he or she stays in the shadows and should come forward given when this person has done.

The Constitution says that the HOUSE impeaches and presents its findings to the SENATE which evaluates the House’s case and decides from it whether or not to remove the subject of the impeachment…in this case, the President of the United States. It’s the HOUSE that must present evidence to support their contention that the President should be removed. It’s NOT the Senate’s job to clean up the House’s incomplete and idiotic case for them. There should be no further “witnesses.” Who would they “witness” TO, for that matter? The whole Senate? A select committee of the Senate, but in public? Who questions additional witnesses? BS. The House’s case has to stand on its own and it’s patently obvious that the House really HAS no case. Certainly not one that warrants the removal of the President.


The House has no case, but what they are looking to do is to extend this foolishness as long as possible. If they could keep it going into the election campaign, the better so far as they are concerned.

It keeps the negative news up there for the low information voters who don’t know what is going on. All they know is that “bad stuff is being said about Trump.” When you are stupid and uninformed, that’s enough to get you to vote Democrat, along with “I’m going to get something for nothing.” At least that’s the way the Democrats think.

The Democrats depend on low information voters. It got Obama elected twice.

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I’ve badmouthed Mitch many times in the past but after he successfully blocked Merrick Garland, brought Gorsuch and Kavanaugh over the finish line, confirmed 180 federal judges and now (hopefully) this … I take it all back. The judicial achievements will be a positive force for decades.


Mitch is a very savvy politician who provides skilled, quiet leadership that gets results. Look at the big mouths on the Democrat side, Schiff, Pelosi, Nadlar and Schumer. They dig their political graves with their mouths.

I don’t think so about Pelosi and perhaps Schumer. They’re politically savvy enough to know that the impeachment was a bad idea; their hand (particularly Pelosi’s) was forced by the radicals who have blind hatred for Trump. It was other Dems’ mouths that dug the Ds’ political graves. I don’t think either of them (particularly Pelosi; she represents the SF Bay area) are in any danger of losing their seats.

I agree. Pelosi and Schumer have their seats until they retire or drop dead. Pelosi MIGHT retire if the Dems lose the House again.

AOC has her seat for life too, and probably Schiff because of his “heroic” efforts to remove Trump. The trouble for the Donkey Party is their poison will spread to Democrats in competitive districts. That why I am hoping that the Dems will lose the House in 2020.

votes in…51/49 which means no witnesses.

Now to shut down this scam/sham/hoax of an impeachment.

romney of course voted yes with ShakeySue. And for his trouble, Mitt has been uninvited from cpac 2020. Frankly…if you cannot put your animosity aside over the good of the country and truth then you oughta just quit.


Not a matter of “no witnesses.” There were 18 “witnesses” touted by the dimwits. They even forwarded their taped “testimony” and the thousands of pages of transcripts of 17 of their “depositions” along with the articles of impeachment. The vote last night was to NOT call any ADDITIONAL witnesses that the dimwits SAY they want to hear from but failed to subpoena during their own sham “investigation.” It is NOT the purview of the Senate to “investigate” an alleged crime with a view towards removing a President. It’s the purview of the HOUSE to do that. Since the House FAILED to prepare a coherent case, now they want the Senate to do THE HOUSE’S job for them? I don’t think so. After the House “managers” put forward their so-called “case” against President Trump, the Senate SHOULD have requested the Chief Justice to simply dismiss the charges as completely unproven. Chances are, THIS Chief Justice wouldn’t have complied, because he’s an idiot, but that’s what SHOULD have happened anyway


I am ashamed that I worked for Mitt Romney in 2012. The man is truly is a fool. I don’t know what he thinks he is accomplishing.

I can understand Susan Collins. She comes from a dimwit blue state and is trying to hang on to her seat.

John Bolton is another jerk who has lost his way. He is traitor to what he said was to his own cause. You don’t join the dimwits if you are PO’d. You do the honorable thing and stand down. I hope he gets that job at CNN he wants. He and Don Lemon will look good next to each other.

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This Chief Justice was appointed by the Bushes. They voted for Hillary. They too are traitors. Roberts is just a reflection of those who appointed him. He’s unreliable.

As with Bolton, the honorable thing to do is be quiet. You don’t support the Democratic Socialist Party the way the Bushes did. If you think Trump is unacceptable, just look at crooked Hillary.

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