BREAKING: Group Coaching Caravan Migrants to Gain Asylum Finally Revealed


“Al Otro Lado” = The other side


Al otro lado” is Spanish for “to the other side.” That doesn’t leave much question about their objectives. Their website says,

Al Otro Lado ‘s Border Right hosts know-your-rights training and legal orientation workshops in migrant shelters in Tijuana, Mexico, and provides direct legal representation to detained asylum seekers in Southern California. The program documents human rights violations committed against asylum seekers at the port-of-entry …

Wow. They’re doing everything they can to knock down legal barriers and shovel them in as fast as they can. And they’re asking for volunteers to help. They make it sound so noble, as if they’re good citizens helping the downtrodden.


I wonder if Soros is funding these guys.

OTOH, they probably get a lot of donations from Snowflakes/the lunatic left/Millennials.


I am sure that Soros is kicking into this movement big time.