Breaking News - Drunk Driver Hit OK State H'coming Parade Crowd


There has been a tragedy this morning at the homecoming parade in Stillwater, Oklahoma, for Oklahoma State University. Some moron in a car plowed into a crowd of people, knocking some as much as 30’ in the air, killing at least 3 and injuring between 30 and 40 others. So far, 6 of the victims have been air-lifted by helicopter to the closest primary trauma care center at the OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. At this time, we don’t know WHY it happened or whether or not the driver had been drinking. It’s presumed that those 6 airlifted were the most seriously injured, but information is slow coming in right now.

Correction, there were 8 critical injuries flown to OKC, 9 classed as “serious” and another 10 the police refer as “walking wounded”. Those 19 are being treated at a local, Stillwater hospital. A 25-year-old Stillwater woman was driving the car which first hit a parked, police motorcycle then plowed into a crowd of spectators at the parade. She has been arrested for DUI and is currently in jail.


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Drunk lady…


I don’t know many “ladies” who’d be driving drunk at 10:31AM.


And you wonder why old farts become home bodies.


Latest news is there are now 4 DEAD. The latest to die was a 22-month-old toddler! A firing squad would be too humane for this woman.


Oh my goodness, this is awful.

It’s terrible for the families, and it’s terrible for her. Someone who is drunk and driving at 25 years old and at that time of morning has some real issues.

No one wins here. Oh…danggit. Ouch.

Sad Tigger



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It’s cool, Pete. Her attorney is claiming she wasn’t drunk, but nuts. The tox report isn’t in yet, but we’ll see.


Just consider the “possible” difference in punishment if these people were killed by this same woman using a gun/knife/or any other weapon as opposed to using a vehicle.!?
Something to contemplate.:angry26:


DUI - driving under the influence. If a substance was involved, I caution against assuming the substance was alcohol. It may well have been a controlled substance - and not all controlled substances are subject to discovery by way of a blood test, however the vast majority of spatial disorienting substances, such as hallucinogens/mood altering drugs, are. It is even possible she premeditated this event - purposely driving her vehicle at high speed into the crowd. Since the perp’s name isn’t Hillary Clinton, we will no doubt find out.


The results are in and the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade crash suspect Adacia Chambers, 25, was not impaired by drugs or alcohol when she plowed into a crowd at Saturday’s game.

Four charges of Second-Degree Murder for OSU Parade Crash Driver


Perhaps she was disgruntled because she never got to be homecoming queen.


[quote=“Susanna, post:13, topic:47558”]
Perhaps she was disgruntled because she never got to be homecoming queen.

[/quote]Now adays even guys can be Homecoming Queen

Male Homecoming Queen | | Columbia, MO |


I heard on Fox News Radio that a murder charge has been added.