Breaking News: Two men who took bag in New York attacks identified


Was just reported on CNN with details from Even Perez. This guy is a very reliable and soilid reporter in the time I have watched him, he has sources within the FBI and I haven’t seen him prematurely report something or be inaccurate. Rep, King also acknowledged the facts of the identification and foreign source when he was being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer.

Here are the interesting details. Two men were tourists, staying at a hotel, have since left the country. They haven’t identified which country they were visiting from. FBI is working to interview them and retrieve the bag. Saying publicly they still don’t believe they were involved…take that for what you will.

All of this is peculiar behaviour. You are visiting another country and decide to steal a random bag you find on the street while leaving the contents on the street? Then after the bombing becomes an International story you don’t step forward?

The only plausible explanation I can see for this would be that they were afraid of being falsely accused and wanted to return home to safety. My instinct tells me something isn’t right here though. They were probably involved at some level and went to retrieve the bag out of fear that it might lead back to a particular source of purchase which might indict them through some means. They pulled out a cooker with wires hanging out, just seems very odd they wouldn’t take any interest in contacting the police after the explosion at the other location happened.

My opinions are just that at this point obviously, but it’s an odd story.


That was really stupid for the police to say they were in no trouble…just want to question them. That kind of talking only makes the rest of us think the cops are stupid…or at least the authorities over them are, which is the same thing.


My guess is they are stating publicly that they aren’t persons of interest to encourage cooperation. When they don’t receive such cooperation they can deduct further from there.
It’s the right way to move forward so they can collect more evidence and receive cooperation.