BREAKING: North Korea has launched a missile


I’ve heard that it’s three missiles now.
Launched over Japan!


A senior U.S. intelligence official told NBC that this would be the first missile test to pass over Japan on a high altitude trajectory. In 1998, North Korea fired a missile through Japanese airspace.

How many years go by and we still put up with these jokers


This is one time, I have no answer except to say, from a purely militaristic viewpoint, blow the idiots to kingdom come, but from a citizenry point of view, negotiate—but then negotiate with what? we have negotiated our buns off and appeased till the cows meander home, and to no effect. In the media commentaries, I recommended that we coerce China into putting the clamps on little-bowl head, but Trump did just that and we see the response we got back. The United Nations is just as ineffectual.
Trump does have a secondary issue, and that is the reduced military reply capability accomplished under Obama. We once had a anti-ballistic missile system in place but apparently that too, is not up to date. Just once I would like to see bowl-head fire one of his missiles and we shoot it down, just to show him we can.----Can we???


The only real issue here is China. We need the Norks to attack someone first. The Chinese will stand down if they do.

If we attack first, all bets are off, and we don’t want that.


The more interesting response to the Chinese dilemma is the old ‘saw’ the Chinese are “inscrutable”. You really can’t tell what they are thinking or what they will do. They pretty much set up the North Korean government and have propped them up for years. Trump was right to push the Chinese to exert influence on bowlhead to back off for the good of the whole world. China is the actual answer to the issue, if they will assume THAT responsibility.