After his infamous snub at the RNC Convention Senator Ted Cruz finally endorsed Donald Trump today for president.**

Ted Cruz posted this moments ago:

After many months of careful consideration, of prayer and searching my own conscience, I have decided that on Election Day, I will vote for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.
I’ve made this decision for two reasons. First, last year, I promised to support the Republican nominee. And I intend to keep my word.

Second, even though I have had areas of significant disagreement with our nominee, by any measure Hillary Clinton is wholly unacceptable — that’s why I have always been #NeverHillary.



Put Glenn Beck on suicide watch.


Add RET as well.


Too little, too late. Not for Trump but for Cruz. He will never go higher than he is now & I suspect that he won’t be reelected. Money gets you elected & if the RNC funds the person running against him he will probably lose. My own feeling is that I have no opinion about him as a person or how well he does his job (he doesn’t represent me). But I do figure that someone elected should be smart, political savvy & trustworthy. Just from this Trump thing I think he missed out on all 3 of those. He cut his own throat & I guess didn’t see it coming plus he turned on his party. That same party that is going to vote on anything he puts before them.


Trump rubbed many people the wrong way, and there’s one thing for certain, with so many egos and ambitious people running for GOP leadership there was no way some of these guys were going to be humble in defeat. Least of all Cruz. Add Kasich and Jeb Bush to the list of angry losers. Rand Paul bowed out early and with grace and even openly stated he would keep his word and vote for “the nominee” (not naming Trump but acknowledging him), Rubio also got in line eventually and he was in the mud with Trump also, he was politically astute enough to realize that you can’t fight a wave of change,

Bottom line, when you are heavily invested and lose it hurts, its stings, especially when you lose to someone you don’t feel you should lose to in 1000 years. When Clinton lost to Obama in the primaries in 2008 check out all the dirt that was flung behind the scenes. Her supporters hated to lose to Obama, her backers anted up big time and lost, they assumed; like Rubio or Bush that she would be anointed the next president. Listen to Sanders supporters, many if not most of them cannot get themselves to vote Clinton.

The first few weeks after losing, I can imagine not getting on board. Once the convention came, Cruz either should have not attended the convention and kept his vote to himself, once he went and turned it into a personal platform he was sunk. When you see the writing on the wall you have to adapt your message, this years GOP was not like years past, Cruz should have known this and accepted it. Even now, with Kasichs refusal to back Trump openly, he is ahead in Ohio. What does this say about Kasich and his supporters?

I never liked Trump, I was feverishly against him. If I was an American and had to vote, it would be a tough choice. Neither candidates are ideal and there were many more in the GOP I preferred. I do give Trump the credit he has earned with his choice of VP and his better understanding of the issues. His temperament has improved and he is at least reaching out to economic conservative ideals that I wholeheartedly agree on. It’s the fact that he is such a wildcard that makes it tough, Cruz surely made this decision out of self preservation. Not sure if it will work or not, or even if it helps Trump at this point.


EEh, no, you’re misunderstanding the situation by a wide margin.

Cruz was not my first choice. Nor my second. He was just in the list of people who I could see voting for; people who met the general list of qualifications.

Carson had problems, but I’d vote for him, as I knew he believed what he said, and what he said, was generally good. Rubio was iffy, he would barely make the cut. Governor Walker was perfect in my eyes, but he dropped out early.

Trump was not in that list. Not at any point. He was running, but I didn’t care. He’s not conservative. He’s not principled. He’s not a “leader” in any sense I could get behind. He himself was not representative of anything I cared about.

A vote for him would be a cynical one. I’m not “standing” for anything by doing that; I’d just be furthering one side of a turf war over a Government that hurts the nation either way.

He’s not alone in that category. I’d never vote for Gov. Huckabee, Gov. Christie, Gov. Pataki, Gov. Kasich or Gov. Bush.

They all, like Trump, represent either populism, or Right Wing Statism. The former is flaccid, and constantly chases after polls; uncaring about what they trample on along the way. The latter is simply authoritarian in the same way the Progressives are, over a different list of things. Sometimes, it’s even the same things. Like trade. Like drug policy. Like “economic nationalism”, whatever the hell that is.

> His temperament has improved and he is at least reaching out to economic conservative ideals

… Where? He was still pushing protectionist nonsense as recently as last week.


I’m not sure what you are arguing against in the first few sentences. Not meaning to sound rude, I’m simply missing what your argument is addressing.

As for his economic plan, I am speaking specifically about his speech in which he outlined lowering taxes for middle class and corporations and decreasing regulations substantially.

His free trade policies are not in line with my beliefs or most traditional conservatives, but he is gaining alot of traction with those who feel they have been impacted.


** I promised to support the Republican nominee. And I intend to keep my word.**
Wow a politician that takes a couple of months to decide if he wants to keep his word & a Texan at that. He is now the ONLY republican that I will NEVER vote for. A MAN does not go back on his word where I come from (which must be a different part of Texas than Cruz).
I was just thinking about the people that don’t like Trump. I wonder if he would veto a republican bill? I kind of doubt it. On the other hand I’m sure good old Hillary would. Just a thought.


Trump himself dispensed with the promise; you reap what you sow.

> I was just thinking about the people that don’t like Trump.

He’s not a conservative, so I don’t see why I should like him. Not liking him should be a given.

Your task is to prove why I should vote for him anyway. Not off to a good start.


Your task is to prove why I should vote for him anyway. Not off to a good start.
Nope not my task. I believe that we get the government that we vote in. If the majority of this country wants socialism then that’s the way it’s going to be. Paying 40% of my income in taxes wouldn’t hurt me even if I lived long enough to see it. So feel free to vote for whoever you want.


I’m very confident he would, if he didn’t like it.

Not at all. I’ve never voted for someone I don’t like. Though I dislike Cruz, I would have voted for him, but I had my own reasons(mostly the fact that he doesn’t think nuclear war with Russia is a potential option in Syria, unlike Clinton).


Then knock it off with the presumptive rhetorical questions.


Trump himself dispensed with the promise; you reap what you sow.
Maybe it’s an odd way of looking at it but I don’t view saying that you won’t make a promise the same as saying that you will & then not doing it. To me that’s not only 2 different things but a very obvious 2 different things.
Nope not my task. (what I said)
Then knock it off with the presumptive rhetorical questions. (What you said).
Seems kind of an odd reply to me. You somehow presumed that it was my job to convince you to vote for Trump. I very much doubt that anyone here is going to say something that reverses someone else’s stance on who to vote for. So I basically state what I feel about something & why & others do the same. As for my comment about would Trump veto a bill from his own party, well yes he might but on the other hand veto’s usually are along party lines. Now that could be because those in the same party “talk” more before it gets to that stage, I don’t know. I do think that I’d put my money on Hillary vetoing a lot more republican bills than Trump.


I’m so glad to see CRuz has come to his senses. I know two other posters not here that have done the same. There’s too much at stake here to be hard nosed.


There is nothing “sensible” about sacrificing one’s convictions on the alter of pragmatism.


Ted Cruz kept his word the way most politicians do. As a last resort, to ensure he keeps money flowing into his campaign.