BREAKING: Trish Regan Out at Fox Business Network

The following was taken from Mediaite which I wont leave a link to.
(Owned by radical, leftist Dan Abrams!)

I will leave a link to the Gateway Pundit which … I know has some problems of it’s own!

Truth is not very welcome on FOX anymore, within a couple years they will be just like the rest of the Leftist Propaganda channels.

I dumped FOX back in 2012 when they went all in for Romney and helped destroy all of the Conservatives in the primary; no big loss as they have just continued their slide to the Left.

You can throw in the towel, but if you do, it’s over. Sorry, often agree with you.m

I haven’t thrown in the towel, I just stopped betting on the GOP and their network; it takes a lot of evidence that the individual will flip the bird to the establishment for me to support a Republican now.

Trump certainly “flips the bird” at the media more than any other politician I have ever seen. Trump gives out a great many “That a boys!” to a lot of people, sometimes in excess, but his position on some parts of the media is clear.

I don’t know if I would have the stones to look a reporter in the face at a press briefing and tell them, “You’re fake news!” He does it, and I often admire him for doing it because it’s the truth. Still it doesn’t help his cause when he’s looking to get some media support.

The latest example has been his hope that we could lift some of the Covid 19 restrictions sooner rather than later in some areas of the country. Editorial writer in the “fake news” New York Times actually suggested that this would be desirable to keep the economy going. But as soon as Trump said it, they jumped all over him. If Obama had said it, they would have been praising him for his courage and forward thinking.

Such is the state of the fake news media who hate all things Trump.

I just don’t believe that Trumps adversarial attitude affects any of their reporting, they would be lying to establish an anti Trump/pro Democrat narrative every single day regardless.

By fighting back Trump isn’t controlling their actions, he is simply nullifying much of their ability to set the narrative and diminishing their overall credibility.

All good the way I see it :wink:

He could literally kiss their asses in that press room and he’d get the exact same level of support he gets now. They are not journalists, they are his avowed enemies and determined to destroy his presidency. It may not be an ideal battleground, but it’s where the enemy is within range.