BREAKING: Trump Should Have Shown More Respect For The Muslim Terrorist

These b@$tards want to show ‘respect’ for a terrorist but at the same time slander and disrespect our President!

Why the hell should we? Are we gonna make BFFs with these thugs?

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The head of ISIS has earned nothing but contempt. He deserves no respect. Osama deserved no respect. They certainly had no respect for any American. Why not chastise them for their disrespect?


The moral of Antigone; the remains of dead people cease to be about whomever that person was in life, and instead become a human universal of what anyone in that position should be obliged.

To finagle with that is to finagle in the affairs of the Gods. Or to put it more practically; you’re not attacking that person any longer (they’re dead & gone), what you’re now attacking is the underpinning value of human existence; unraveling something we need in order to keep civilization afloat.

We had a lot less trouble with radical Muslims when (once upon a time) the British shot them with bullets dipped in pig’s blood, and Pershing (I think) buried their bodies in the hides of pigs.

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According the news, he disrespected his own body. He blew himself up with a suicide vest rather than answer for the crimes he had committed against humanity. In other words, he took the coward’s way out.

As for respect for thugs, what is wrong with these Democrats? I guess they have more respect for ISIS thugs than they do for the President of the United States.

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Leave it to AS to defend the indefensible. He is truly amazing. :crazy_face:

During my grandmother’s final years, an “uncle in law” found a way to take her property when she losing her mental capacity. This made him a family outcast. When we heard that he had passed and had been cremated, my mother’s comment was that if she had his ashes, she’d flush them down the toilet. Some people don’t deserve any respect.

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What Obama SHOULD have done to bin Laden was have him wrapped in pigskin and buried facedown with his head pointed AWAY from Mecca and then PUBLICIZED what he did all over the Muslim world. “This is what fate awaits you if you screw with the U.S. Leave us alone and we’ll take a live and let live attitude towards you, but mess with us or our allies and interests and we’ll both destroy you and take away any chance you might have for an afterlife, too.”


It looks like the Washington Post agrees with AS. They first had a head line that identified Baghdadi as a terrorist. Then they changed it and called him “An austere Islamic Scholar.” Perhaps modern Democrats would have called Hitler, “an eminent National Socialist author and leader” when he passed.

In a similar note Nancy Pelosi is complaining because she was not in the loop when this operation was executed. Why should she be in the loop, with her big mouth flapping to the press? She is one of this administration’s most vocal critics. I would not put it passed her to tip off the press, help the mission fail and then have one more bomb in her political arsenal.

Respect the dead?

We did it to the Nazis and the Japanese. It’s customary in war to do so.

I think you once again, didn’t read the post.

Their beliefs aren’t static; ISIS doesn’t care if they get shot by women. They’ll take offense, but they don’t say you’re denied salvation if the enemy treats your corpse poorly.

Or in this case, you’re attacking the underpinning value of death itself that is at the center of the ISIS ideology.

And since it’s just meat, as you pointed out, why should anyone really care anyway?

AS regularly defends capitalism, liberty and the fundamental values of our country and the founders. We should read his political arguments in that context and extend the courtesy and respect due to a living patriot.

But I agree. Being dead doesn’t earn one any measure of respect. The same folks who trash talked McCain and then spent the next few days after his death extolling his virtues sound ridiculous. Since that’s most politicians and pundits, it ought to tell us something.

Tradition and custom aren’t really very good arguments.This guy is the equivalent of Hitler to his organization. Hitler was an utter monster and deserved no respect at all, not in life. His corpse certainly wasn’t entitled to any respect.

This doesn’t do that; because they don’t care. The 9/11 terrorists themselves were perfectly unobserving Muslims who ate pork; they still felt like they were doing Allah’s work. ISIS members are no less flexible in giving themselves justifications.

Pershing, btw, never did the deed either. He in fact strictly avoided anything that would fanaticize the enemy.

Because you’re broadcasting signals for people who wouldn’t care to get angry at us.

Why does double-tapping fail as a strategy? Same reason; you’re galvanizing other people to take up arms.

It’s not about respecting them; it’s acknowledging sacred space that by necessity is reserved for everyone.

In a similar vein, We protect freedom of speech for Westboro Baptist church to say “Thank God for IEDs”.

I’m not respecting them by saying they have the right to do that, rather, I’m preserving the institution of Freedom of Speech; which is far more important than shutting them down.

By offering it even to those we hate, we do our utmost to assert that it exists.

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He doesn’t deserve respect, but really, when our political leaders discuss it, they should keep responses as factual and with as little emotion as possible. Why? Because Trump’s comments end up becoming better recruitment videos for ISIS than anything ISIS could ever make themselves. It’s really that simple.

Course, I suspect people here will just say that ISIS will recruit people with or without Trump’s statements, but I think it makes it worse. It’s sort of like in football. When someone on a team, prior to an upcoming game makes a remark disrespecting their opponent, that disrespect is used as motivation for the team. Of course, they were going to try to win anyway, but the disrespect adds more emotion anger and purpose.

These comments might be the difference between a person caring about their own lives and willing to stap bombs to themselves and run into a crowd of people. That is, of course, impossible to measure or predict, so again, I assume my comment will be dismissed, as Dave might say “BS”, but I think to ignore this is to ignore human nature.

I find, as a general statement, people on the right care less about “feelings” but are, overall more emotional in how they react to things.

Nonsense AND BS, of course. I remember how terrified the VC were of dying and not being properly buried to the extent that they carried COFFINS along with them when they planned a major operation. These people are no different. If they think their bodies will be “abused” or subjected to indignities after their “martyrdom” they’ll be MUCH less likely to join the fight. They obviously believe fervently in an afterlife and SEEK to achieve martyrdom as an assurance of that. They will NOT be allowed into paradise if they are (1) killed by a woman, (2) don’t take a lot of infidels with them when they die, or (3) have their bodies disposed of in un-Islamic fashion. I say, wrap their bodies in pigskin and leave them out in the desert to be devoured by dogs or other carrion-eaters.

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That is the single dumbest thing you’ve ever said and is indicative of the kind of thinking that will make the issue in the middle east continually worse.

They fight Kurdish female units, their propaganda shows that they work around it.

They also employ their own female battalions.

Their ideology evolved as their needs changed Dave.

We should have fed his remains to wild pigs, Osama as well; if they are going to kill innocents to please their god then they should know that their imagined “reward” will be voided by being digested through an unclean beast.

and equating a nation state that can draft unwilling participants to the fight with a terrorist leader who murders indiscriminately via volunteers is…Well I guess it should be expected from AS.

Dave states what their faith declares and you call it “dumb” and say that knowing their doctrine is making things worse in the Middle East?

Their ridiculous beliefs are not making things worse, it is those darn Americans who know their ridiculous beliefs?

This is a good example as to why the Democrat Party is considered the “Blame America 1st” Party, the extent that you guys go to condemn us for the imbecilic ideas and actions of the worst humans on the planet is astounding.