BREAKING: Trump Should Have Shown More Respect For The Muslim Terrorist

I don’t personally know anyone who thinks there is any consequence to what happens to any corpse, it is offensive due to the lack of respect but I have never heard anyone say “I was sad when they murdered our people but now I am PISSED and ready to fight because of what they did to the corpses afterwards!”.

In fact I think the idea that we should be concerned with “making them angry” when they already want us wiped from the face of the earth is pretty ridiculous.

We should be responding in such a way as to dominate their every waking moment and haunt them in their nightmares when they go to sleep; appeasing evil is no less evil than perpetrating evil if done by choice.


We’re committing evil by defacing corpses. We demean ourselves.

Again, there is no moral motive for doing it, it is only vengeance.

Ahhhhhahhahahahaha. Sorry, its funny you should phrase it that way. I’ma say no, its individual how much “offense” we take. Collectively, we should act in a manner that commands respect, punishing disrespect to our honored dead (whether that means sending special forces to mercilessly hound and hunt the individuals responsible or nuking Tehran {or Islamabad, for that matter} or something in between) but doing so calmly and rationally, as cold and implacable as a glacier.

So is their disrespecting American dead somehow wrong while Americans disrespecting terrorist dead OK?

Was that directed at me?

Our military personnel go in to eliminate an international terrorist who was responsible for deaths of tens of thousands. This guy had twenty people beheaded on a beach and posted it on the Internet for the world to see. He was proud of it. Under his rule a man was locked in cage, had gasoline poured on him and was set on fire.

These military personnel were conducting a dangerous operation, which have led to certain torture and death had they been captured. Delay could have been deadly. Yet they were supposed to be concerned about disposal of the body of a guy who had already blown himself up with a suicide vest.

Frankly I don’t give a rat’s tail what they did with that low life’s remains.


Yes, please.