BREAKING: UK Jets Intercept Pakistani Airliner


Something’s up in Blighty:

BREAKING: UK Jets Intercept Pakistani Airliner


I was watching FOXNews this a.m. from early on for a change. (I don’t normally watch Fox & Friends.) I don’t recall what time I shut it off, but heard that 2 guys had been arrested. (11?/noon?) Hearing news that passengers were leaving the plane is good news.

Here’s what I didn’t get. When the next Fox hour came on, and news continued about the jet having been escorted and landing, the reporter stated that ‘there’s news that someone witnessed smoke coming from one of the jets on the right-hand side.’

Well no DUH, dude! That clip of smoke pouring out of the plane was shown right here on your very own station not an hour ago while the jet was still in the air.

Pardon me. It just sounded so inept that it was annoying.

(And if you’re wondering what I was doing watching t.v. news all morning, I was reading a book, listening for the bits I wanted to hear come up, then turning up the volume. Being terrifically lazy, sipping coffee, and finding myself the incredible ambition to toast me an English Muffin.)