Bremen's evil, heretical, blasphemous reading list.

Here are some of the books I have read to arrive at my beliefs.

Our Enemy The State- Albert J Nock

Our Enemy The State

The Ethics Of Liberty-Murray Rothbard

The Ethics of Liberty - Mises Audio/Video

For A New Liberty- Murray Rothbard

For a New Liberty - Mises Audio/Video

The Law- Frederic Bastiat

The Law: The Classic Blueprint for a Just Society | by Frédéric Bastiat - YouTube

Nathaniel Brandon- Honoring the Self

No Treason, The Constituiton of No Authority ~Lysander Spooner

The Market For Liberty~ Tannehills

Free Audiobook: “The Market for Liberty” - Free Keene

Hmmm, I’ve read a bit of Rothbard before.

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Did it corrupt your soul as it did mine? Jk

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Economics In One Lesson~Henry Hazlitt

Economics In One Lesson~Henry Hazlitt

I’ve lots and lots and lots of different authors on economic and political theory, I think my soul was already pretty corrupt loooong before that.

Off-topic, but I would submit that your soul (and mine and everyone else’s) was corrupt long before we even had an inkling of the concept:

[QUOTE=Psalm 51:5]Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.[/QUOTE]

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Here are some of the books I have read to arrive at my beliefs.

Matthew … Mark … Luke … John … Romans … Galatians … Ephesians …

The New Testament (all of it several times)

The Bible (all of it several times)
What’s So Great About America** - Dinesh D’Souza

What’s So Great About America: Dinesh D’Souza: 9780142003015: Books
"With What’s So Great About America, Dinesh D’Souza is not asking a question, but making a statement. The former White House policy analyst and bestselling author argues that in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, American ideals and patriotism should not be things we shy away from. Instead he offers the grounds for a solid, well-considered pride in the Western pillars of “science, democracy and capitalism,” while deconstructing arguments from both the political Left and political Right. As an “outsider” from India who has had amazing success in the United States, ** D’Souza defends not an idealized America, but America as it really is, and measures America not against an utopian ideal, but against the rest of the world ** in a provocative, challenging, and personal book."

Calvin’s Institutes Of The Christian Religion- John Calvin

Systematic Theology - Dr. Charles Hodge, 3 Volumes
The Inspiration And Authority Of The Scriptures** - Dr. Benjamin B. Warfield

The Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination - Dr. Loraine Boettner (The great chapter on Calvinism in America’s early development).

America: The Last Best Hope (Volume I): From the Age of Discovery to a World at War by Dr. William J. Bennett

** America: The Last Best Hope (Volume II): From a World at War to the Triumph of Freedom** by Dr. William J. Bennett
America: The Last Best Hope (Volume III): From the Collapse of Communism to the Rise of Radical Islam** by Dr. William J. Bennett

“Dr. William J. Bennett, a secretary of education under President Reagan and author of The Book of Virtues, offers a new, improved history of America, one, he says, **that will re-spark hope and a “conviction about American greatness and purpose” in readers.” **

The Bible was strongly instrumental in the founding of America and all the men who wrote the books I listed up above have an enormous respect for the Bible and for Christianity. Moreover the ideas within the Bible and within those books founded a huge and mighty country America, whereas the ideas in the books you listed founded NOTHING by way of a great country, nothing as in zero.

Also the ideas in the books you listed have never founded a major political party anywhere in the world. You CANNOT count the Libertarian Party seeing as how they usually get less than 1% of the vote in America’s national elections.

Also mainstream Libertarianism rejects anarchism like the black plague and refuses to endorse the call for the elimination of the State.


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I do not think I have read any political books to arrive where I am today(politically). If anything my religious beliefs have led me to where I am.

I am on record here as holding that even Satan can and does sometimes speak the truth, its usually a half-truth or in some way a twisted or misapplied truth, but nonetheless if Satan tells you that 2 + 2 equals 4, he has spoke the truth. That said, I prefer to get my truth from some personage other than Satan.

I prefer to get my truth from people that hold my basic Christian and moral values. Its a free country and everybody does not agree with that. There are many people (even some true Christians) that are comfortable reading the thoughts of atheists and agnostics and taking their ideas under serious consideration. I am not one of them.

I personally find the entire group of fairly-well-known published “Rockwell/Rothbard-types” to have a “taint about them” … its a certain odor that does not “smell right” to me and the stench is tied to their atheism or their agnosticism or their deism or their glad-cheerful-association with atheists and their writings. They appear to me to be very comfortable indeed when reading the thoughts of atheists. I do not know of a single fairly-well-known published “Rockwell/Rothbard-type” that is on record as being a Bible believing Christian.

(Rockwell/Rothbard-types"? Well, I gotta call 'em something. I don’t know exactly what to call. They have almost endless little dinky “sub-tribes” with various hair-splitting distinctions, so I’ll just call them “Rockwell/Rothbard-types” for lack of a better name.)

I cannot use the term “Libertarianism” because mainstream Libertarianism does not stand with the “Rockwell/Rothbard-types.”

When I go over and read the articles in the Lew Rockwell archives and when I read Rothbard and all the rest, I NEVER find a single word that honors the God of the Bible and His Son the Lord Jesus. However the fairly-well-known published “Rockwell/Rothbard-types” have got high praise for many atheists and other non-Christians and cannot sing their praises loud enough. But not a single word of praise for the God that created them. Not a single word of praise for the Lord Jesus who died for them. Total silence. I don’t like that. I don’t trust these people. They all have “a taint about them” and to me that taint says this: “I want nothing to do with the God of Bible and Christianity and His Son the Lord Jesus.”

As I said up above, even if its Satan that tells you 2 + 2 = 4, then he speaks the truth to you. Nonetheless, I would watch out for the “half-truths” of atheists and agnostics and their twisted or misapplied truths.

I do NOT say that a man ought not to read the thoughts of atheists or agnostics, but I do suggest that he be careful when reading the thoughts of men who have no faith in the God that created them.




I do not know of even one (1) fairly-well-known published “Rockwell/Rothbard-type” that has published praise for the God of the Bible and His Son the Lord Jesus and that has published a single word indicating that he is trusting in the Sovereign God of the Bible for help or hope or guidance or for anything else, much less trusting in the Lord Jesus as his Savior. But I do know that most of the fairly-well-known published “Rockwell/Rothbard-types” have many good words of high praise for famous atheist/agnostic types like H.L. Mencken and Ann Rand.


Jack you are a strange individual.

I always proud when Buddhists find me strange. If Buddhists, pretenders or real ones, did not find me strange, then I would know there was something bad wrong with me and I would have to change course.

That’s also true for anarchists, I hope and pray all of them find me strange. I hope the same thing for Commies, Liberals, Democrats, RINOs, Punks, Sodomites, the MTV Crowd, Androgynous Sniveling Cowards, the Fringe Lunatics, Bed-Wetter’s, Vulgarians, Feminists, and Vegetarians.

I, unlike you, take positions that I know for certain are going to irritate a lot of Christianity’s enemies and Conservatism’s enemies and I don’t give a brown penny if my positions irritate them or not.

Maybe you find me strange because I stand for something and you don’t stand for much of anything …that’s especially true if you think it will severely irritate other human beings, because you sorta take the “lovey-dovey” approach to life don’t you?, and “let e’re body do their own thang” and “be tolerant …tolerant…tolerant” ~~doesn’t all that just about “sum you up”?

I find you strange also.

You’d also be the last guy I would pick to be on my side in a fight.


The real hero’s of America are such as America’s Military Forces, America’s Firefighters, America Police Departments, and America’s Rescue Squads, and America’s Christian Conservative Fathers and Mothers who live in traditional nuclear Families ** and bear the heavy burden of nurturing and raising ** the next generation of Christian Conservative Americans. Imo, any 6 of them or just one Marine Corps platoon is worth more to America than all the anarchists that ever lived on the earth.

All the people and groups that I just praised spend their lives living for the benefit of other people, they don’t spend their lives griping, and grumbling, and complaining, and bitching, and moaning, and groaning and whining about how bad conditions are around THEM …THEM …THEM… THEM …THEM.


Strange people are interesting

Hazlitt’s book Economics In One Lesson is outstanding and has nothing to do with religion whatsoever.

Yeah!! :freaked:

**Long live the tribe Of The Strange!

… lol …**


I think you misunderstand why I find you strange Jack. No need to be so defensive. I find your behavior and response strange because you stick to your beliefs so adamantly that it permeates everything you do or say. I have meet few people like that in my short lifetime. I find it strange, not in a “Your a freak” way but more of a “How interesting” way.

I am sadden that you would not pick me to be on your side. If anything I would quickly come to your aid even if not asked. Can’t please everyone though. You and I are alike in many ways in both beliefs and faith. Our morals and faith are similar in many ways and my upbringing has granted me the ability to see the comparisons from both sides.

Enough of me rattling on; no matter what you think of me Jack know that I have deep admiration in your conviction.

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Seravee, I apologize for misunderstanding you. I will delete the post to which you refer.

And thank you for the kind words.

May the Force be with you …/smile


Post has been deleted. :smile:

Btw, I don’t dislike you … its just that I will always take your Uncle’s side … you know exactly what I mean when I say that.

Maybe you’ll make him proud one day … you know what that means too.


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Hey Bigfoot, I’ve got that book in my library and I’ve read it all he way through one time and then spot read it some, thereafter.

I know that some of the best and brightest of Conservative elites think highly of it and hold it up as a very important work, eg. as I recall Reagan liked it a lot.

I have no criticism of it’s contents per se, its just that I’m becoming daily more and more disenchanted with and strongly dis-liking the … I’ve got to call it something … maybe the “Henry Hazlitt-types” was the wrong choice …

… maybe the “Rockwell/Rothbard-types” is a better label … I have to have some type of label to refer to that particular “body of thought” … so I will use the label “Rockwell/Rothbard-types” … I know for a fact I have nothing good to day about either of them because I think anarchism is dangerous-absurd and they’re both on record as anarchists calling for the elimination of the state.

I can’t use the word “Libertarian” because mainstream Libertarianism does NOT stand with that nutty anarchist craziness nor does it stand with all those other endless hair-splitting crazy sub-tribes connected to whatever you want to call them … I’ll call them the “Rockwell/Rothbard-types” for now and until some better name comes along. (I made a list one time of all those little dinky “sub-tribes” within this small group of whatever you want to call them and it was a long … looooooooong … list of mini sub-tribes, that couldn’t agree on the color of cow poo.)

** My post 10 pretty much sums up my feeling and beliefs about the “Rockwell/Rothbard-types” … Bremen has turned me totally AGAINST all that stuff … I used to see all that stuff in a better light …but Bremen has opened my eyes to what the “Rockwell/Rothbard-types” are really all about … and I am daily viewing them and their kind more and more as anti-American and anti-God of the Bible, and anti-Christian, as I explained in my post 10. **

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I reworked post 10 and removed Henry Hazlitt from the scene entirely.

This is what a Christian should be like.