Brief fact

Gas prices.

If Trump were president, you libs would be so uncontrollably seething with rage you’d have nosebleeds right now.

Nose bleeds. And bleeding out your other orifices. And you’d use it as undeniable truth that he was the worst president ever.

And you know I’m right.

And if trumps kid were making big money in Ukraine with a laptop full of shady sh— and probable kiddie prawns. Yeah that would be a huge simultaneous aneurysm

Prices were 4.30 under Bush we were seeing the economy was in freefall and one in five Americans lost their house. So Biden is on par with Bush. Trump was riding on Obama’s economy he handed him a clean economy a function democracy and Biden got handed a Coronavirus nightmare.

You’re dead wrong. Firstly, I’ve known for a very long time the difference between drilling and refining. Secondly, I’ve long held the belief that oil companies will use any excuse under the sun to shaft everyone with prices.

And lastly, I’ve read “Don’t Tell Mom I Work On The Rigs: She Thinks I’m A Piano Player In A Whorehouse” by Paul Carter. It’s quite the eye opener about the oil industry and how powerless governments are when it comes to prices.

And the same party that put the kibosh on drilling also put the kibosh on building new and more efficient refineries.

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I don’t care what any of you say; if Trumps SON were doing anything remotely CLOSE to what “Hunter biden” is you guys would be DYING. I mean filling hospitals and DYING.


I think you know the social policies of the Democrats are crap, and the economic policies of the Republicans are crap. You said you dropped acid you got a taste of cultural liberalism it bit you in the bum. Devils water ain’t so sweet is it brother. I think your a bit paranoid with the Qanon outlook and globalist fears. There is moral decay but not in the way your saying that it’s organized by the elites and pushed by Disney. No it’s human beings were sick people, we need Christ. Evil is rarely organized that’s why the Nazi’s stick out to me so organized in the hate. Evil is usually chaotic war, famine, death rape. social decay. America is becoming socially the worst part of itself ie skid row. Trash tv presidency, 2 girls one what. it’s just awful I feel you on that. The point is every time we get a conservative president the one with the R next to the name they hand us an economy in the crapper. Same thing Bush did to Obama, Same thing Trump did to Biden. Winner takes all capitalism causes booms and busts dude. Booms feel great busts feel awful its like an economy that goes in 10 year cycles of bust and booms. We need to plan out beyond the year not just chase this quarter or that quarter we need to invest in sound things like good roads, good schools. The point is Biden is too old to fix the economy ok, the Fed is trying like heck had it stoped with Coronavirus his handlers might of got us out of a rut. Thats not what happened Ukraine happened right after it exacerbating trade. I can’t understand a party that would put a man back in office who wouldn’t leave office. You can’t legislate morals ok, theft is illegal people do it. Murder is illegal people do it. Your fighting a legal battle against a culture battle. I was pro life most of my life until 2013. I realized how many unwanted kids there were and what a nightmare this world could be and you really had to be there for the kids if you were gonna have them other wise you get someone like me. I at least realize I have to be there for my son.