Bring back the old style gas cans

Bring back the old style gas cans

Or at least the old style pour spouts!

Well … Someone did!

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I’ve never had a good gas can lol MIne were prolly all were made in China or something.

Gas cans are no problem.
It’s the spouts that everyone hates!

We’ve got a kerosene can with what I’m guessing is the messed up type of nozzle you’re talking about. This nonsense makes about as much sense as a short-necked giraffe…

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Yup, never had one that didn’t leak. Didn’t know there ever any that didn’t lol

Did that top video really say “Making Gas Cans Great Again”, or did I imagine it?

BTW, I haven’t used a gas can in decades. I use an electric mower on my yard. Never needs a refill. Quiet. I can tip it over to clean away grass without spilling anything. Nice.

Doesn’t work so well on a large yard…

Years ago, I had an electric mower.

Had a problem with the cord . . . was constantly having to move it to keep from running over it. That particular problem was brought on by . . . as FC remarked . . . a BIG yard.

There are ways to solve that problem and I figured it out. But until I did, I was always afraid that I would run over the cord.

I expect that these days, they come with something like a reel that always takes up the slack.

Here’s a cordless mower on Amazon. In the questions section, three users said they get 45, 60 and 70 minutes on a full charge. I haven’t actually seen one.

When I was growing up, we cut our lawn with an electric mower and two cords in series. (I think they were 100’ each, but can’t remember.) That wasn’t quite long enough to reach the very edge of our property by the woods, so we let that part grow wild.

The trick to not running over the cord is to always work your way away from the source, never toward it.

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