Britain bids farewell to Baroness Thatcher:


Baroness Thatcher was today honoured with a sombre but spectacular funeral ceremony that paid tribute to the ‘courage and perseverance’ of Britain’s greatest peacetime prime minister.
The Iron Lady’s daughter Carol wept as she said a final goodbye to her mother, and was comforted by her twin brother Sir Mark and his wife Sarah as they arrived for the private service at Mortlake Crematorium.
Earlier, under the great dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Queen joined dignitaries from 170 countries worldwide, friends, political foes and Lady Thatcher’s closest family members to celebrate the life of the UK’s first and only female premier.

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I am glad to see she was sent off with proper decorum not marred with the antics of the haters who wanted to besmirch her good deeds. In America we have our share of haters and from the news it appears our leaders present and past showed disgrace by not attending.


I understand that our “glorious leader” failed to send a delegation to honor Thatcher.


Dick Cheney and some former Secretaries of State represented the US but nobody from the Obama administration went. Great way to treat a close ally…


Not surprising. She was everything he isn’t and never will be.


This is a bold faced lie. The executive administration sent an official delegation consisting of the Secretaries of State under Reagan and Bush as well as the ambassador to Great Britain.

But don’t let that stop the hate in this thread. Carry on.


It’s not a lie, nobody from the current administration was there. I mentioned the former secretaries. The Ambassador doesn’t really count, him not going is unthinkable. Biden at least should have been there.


Obama and Biden are not worthy to wipe the dust off her shoes.


Trekky, there you go again. The Administration did NOT send the delegation, they allowed them to go. Hat’s off to Cheney with his heart issue and all. And to add something here, Obama HAS NO ALLIES> He becoming more iconoclastic, and sits in a presumed [on his part] ivory palace, which is being eaten with tooth decay.


Dead wrong Trekky. That was a SLAP in the face to Britain and her memory. He hates Britain…for Colonialism. He hate conservatives because we frustrate his ambitions. Thatcher was guilty of both sins.
The Prevaricating Pusillanimous Peckerhead of a President embarrasses himself and the country once again. I’m only surprised he wasn’t out playing golf during the funeral.



“Barack Obama’s official presidential delegation will be led by George Shultz and James Baker, who both served as secretaries of state during the Thatcher era.”

But keep complaining about no delegation being sen.

BBC News - Westminster service remembers Baroness Thatcher


No more than I’d expect of Obama…


It’s not the first time Obama has thumbed his nose at one of our best friends and allies.


Obama does not believe in a republican form of government. He hates everyone who does.
This Country was set up with a republican form of government. IMO, If you want a different form of government you should go somewhere else and set one up. Like maybe Kenya?

(notice the small r)


“It’s in the blood”. Maggie’s DNA lives on, in Texas, and IMO it fits Texas nicely!

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