Britain SHUTS DOWN Its Global Warming Agency


Britain’s new government abolished its Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Thursday morning, ridding the country of its global warming bureaucracy.
Officials stated that the DECC has been abolished and U.K.’s environmental policy is will be transferred to a new ministry called the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Some former DECC’s functions will be outright abolished, while others will be handed back to the new ministry.

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What gets me is transferring elements from the abolished agency to a new one still means some of this farce will be used to tax citizens and force everyone to abide by this new agency’s wishes.

From what I have been reading green energy has been shown to be a farce and does nothing but add cost and maintain elements that constantly need natural resources to do the the real work. Meanwhile those who provide alternative energy rake in the money and feed off the system and the backs of everybody.

Country after country is turning away from these boondoggles which provide little and never live up to claims of what they will do and cost so much to maintain any energy produced is reduced by the cost of maintaining the system.


The following is just my general views on “green”: First off green is a fad. By that I mean that it came into vogue & was pushed down our throats forcefully. Being green was in & every aspect was viewed (& touted) as something that we must do even though a lot of it was only theoretical or I should say the gains were theoretical. Take electric cars for example. How much do they really save the environment if they are run on electricity generated by coal power plants? What’s the impact on the environment of all those batteries when they start being replaced? Windmills, what’s the “real” cost of them & how does that cost compare to other methods of generating electricity? Sadly a lot of people don’t look below the surface. Electric cars run on electricity so it must be cleaner. Windmills generate “free” electricity so they must be better & cheaper. Forget the cost of building, maintenance & how long they last.
Sounds like I’m against green doesn’t it? Well I’m not. I believe that the way to convert to green is to change those things that are cost effective to most people in a reasonable amount of time. For instance something that either won’t pay for it’s self or won’t pay in for its self in a normal person’s lifespan is dumb. Sadly when government is involved they tend to go for huge expensive risky changes that often don’t have good returns. Normal people can go green themselves on things that do have a ROI (return on investment) that pays them back by saving them money. Things that I have done or replaced:
Duel flush toilets, payback in 10 months. Energy eff. refrigerator, pay back in 6 years (I replaced 2 with 1), higher eff. AC unit, pay back in about 7 years, high eff. washer & dryer, depends on how much you use them, energy examination of our house, cost was free but does save us money (I’m sure). Results = summer months I save (minimum) $140 per month (8 months of summer where I live) & I live more comfortably.
So not all green is bad nor is it all good. I think that the smart consumer can benefit from going green & the government can waste billions going green. Just my thoughts.


Well Tex you said the MAGIC word that appeals to ALL Liberals: “FREE” Had a friend of mine, who just bought a $98,000 Telsa that it was almost free to drive and he believes that windmills generate free electricity, along with solar panels.

If you want near FREE I can give it to you: Heat and Cook and meet all needs for a family of 4…FOREVER from 12 acres of wooded land. This is in the South of Tenn, North of Tenn requires additional acreage due to the longer winters.


17Oaks your soooooo right in that the FREE word is thrown around so much by liberals. It drives me crazy. It’s like they just accept everything thrown at them as facts. The rich pay for everything, don’t bother to check if the numbers add up (they don’t). Everybody deserves everything even if they don’t work for it, etc… My youngest son is a liberal (he didn’t grow up with me) & I can’t wait until he starts getting really screwed by increased taxes. He’s living on the edge now (like a lot of liberals) & assumes that all that good stuff is going to help him. He’s not smart enough to figure out that he makes to much & living in an expensive area means that it’s going to kill him financially.


TANSTAAFL! R.A. Heinlein was right as rain! Would that 50% of the population understood the concept!