British bombers hit ISIS oilfields in Syria for 2nd time


British bombers hit ISIS oilfields in Syria for 2nd time - World - CBC News

Germany is also onboard for non-combat assistance. I think more of the world should be taking this threat seriously.

“Last night we saw the Typhoons in action for the first time, successfully hitting an oilfield, oil well heads in eastern Syria out in the Omar field,” Fallon told Sky News.

British lawmakers approved the bombing of Islamic State targets in Syria on Thursday. Hours after that approval, British bombers struck the oilfields that the government says are being used to fund attacks on the West.


Typhoons? I’d have thought they’d be using Panavia Tornadoes for ground attack missions, both for mission specialty and range reasons.


The Limeys beat us to the oil fields! I guess they didn’t have to wait for an Environmental Impact Statement.


Obama doesn’t care and neither do his supporters and there are a freaking lot of them.


Oh my gosh just watched this video of a guy screaming “allahu akbar” right before getting strafed into oblivion. Made me so happy. I don’t care if it’s Brits, Germans, French whoever we all know the danger and need to take part in destroying it.


I can’t remember how it came up in our Sunday School class, but one member of the class - a retired minister - quoted someone who said, “Witness to them, then shoot them.” He also mentioned a soldier friend of his who said, “I’ve killed a lot of people, but I’ve never murdered anyone.” The emphasis seemed to be that “loving your neighbor as yourself” doesn’t mean to let him do as he pleases, to run rough-shod over you, or anyone else.


Exactly and it’s not even a “twisted interpretation” of Islam or whatever a language Obama uses, but rather direct action taken verbatim from the Quran. It IS about Islam.