British PM Cameron Properly IDed The Perps As Terrorist


Hats off to Prime Minister Cameron for immediately recognizing the street killing of the British soldier as an act of terrorism and calling the butchers what they are - Terrorists.

Contrast Cameron’s reaction and clear pronouncement to those of our leader, Barack Obama. Obama can’t even bring himself to ID the Fort Hood radical Islamist a terrorist - the fecal matter who slaughtered 12 and wounded some 30 others nearly 3 years ago while hollering Alah Akbar - nor label his actions, terrorism. “Workplace violence”, my rectum!!

I’m of the opinion that our leadership is not just PC, but also CS (think poultry) and only proficient at BS (think cattle).


Right on Mike. Cant ignore evil acts as just workplace violence. Normal people that buy into evil ideologies can do evil things; we have to call out the source of this evil every time - radical islamic teachings - which is the force behind these terrorist attacks.