Brooks: "Moral Vacuum in the House of Trump"


As I’ve said in other threads, what’s really striking to me about Trump and his followers is a deep and nihilistic amorality. The often insufferable David Brooks’s article on this is worth a read, in my opinion, and I agree with most of what he has to say.


If the argument coming from Trump supporters was more often something like this:

“I realize that Trump and many of those around him are lying scum, and that deeply disturbs me. We need to hold people in power accountable for this sort of pathetic lying. Having said that, I think the Democrats, like Hillary Clinton, are even worse, and I have more in common in terms of policy with Trump, even if he is a despicable lying dirtbag.”

I could respect that. The problem, and where the charges of amorality and nihilism start to come in, is that Trump supporters really don’t seem to think Trump or his associates are doing anything wrong.


So far, they AREN’T “doing anything wrong.” If they are, how about TELLING us what it is?


You keep posting proved lies as your evidence and justification for condemning Trump, then you make the claim that those who reject those lies and cite the truth are in denial.

You should work for CNN :slight_smile:


A majority of the trolls against Trump never get beyond the Washington Post, NYT or the HuffPo to form their own thoughts.